Pretending to Put My Dog on a Diet

Pretending to Put My Dog on a Diet
Today we pretended to put Tucker on a diet. He loves to eat his food so much so we wanted to see his reaction if we gave him a few bites to eat at a time. Needless to say he demanded the full meal and would not stop until he ate every last bite.
What was your favorite part???
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  1. Lexecus Cheats

    Lexecus CheatsПре 5 сати

    The dog is so cute

  2. Nicholas Maravolo

    Nicholas MaravoloПре дан

    Omg I love your dog he is soooooo cute!!

  3. Sweet and Funny Animals

    Sweet and Funny AnimalsПре дан

    wise dog. yeah man

  4. Elina Vargas

    Elina VargasПре 2 дана

    I like you vids you are the best thank you

  5. derija b

    derija bПре 3 дана


  6. Nishinoya Yu

    Nishinoya YuПре 3 дана

    "Thamk Dogness" is my new expression for relief 😁


    KYLE CHENПре 3 дана

    U should give him the whole thing x1,000,000,000

  8. Art 86

    Art 86Пре 4 дана

    You really think this is funny? You make me sick! How would you like it if someone did that to you? You have zero empathy. Psychologically tormenting your dog... You need to see a shrink. I feel so sorry for Tucker. He deserves better than a bullying, abusive owner.

  9. Dan Cafri

    Dan CafriПре 4 дана

    U have to keep scrolling down till I say stop challenge keep scrolling KEEP SCROLLING I DIDNT SAY STOP YET hmmmm do u deserve to stop? Nah keep scrolling Ok u can stop now

  10. Armin and Vedad

    Armin and VedadПре 4 дана

    Just let tucker have lots of chimken

  11. cat noir

    cat noirПре 4 дана

    It's actually good that you just do text cuzthere are kids who need to learn

  12. Bruh 787

    Bruh 787Пре 4 дана

    Parents:Internet is very VERY dangerous The internet:

  13. Pepo

    PepoПре 4 дана

    My dogs barks until I actually give him a lot of food xD

  14. •-•Blossom Tea•-•

    •-•Blossom Tea•-•Пре 4 дана

    It's a hard life 😢

  15. Khadeeja Rahman

    Khadeeja RahmanПре 5 дана

    I love German shepards and I have one like you he is so friendly with me and he is very happy he and he will e my best friend forever

  16. Khadeeja Rahman

    Khadeeja RahmanПре 5 дана

    Tucker u sell t shirts jackets etc can you sell toys also

  17. Ira’s World

    Ira’s WorldПре 5 дана

    Thamk dogness

  18. Chloe Freschi

    Chloe FreschiПре 5 дана

    How does Linda get tucker to bark like he is talking when she saying something and how on earth does she get him to put his paw on the bowl my dogs won't even touch there toys if it's not in front of them omg that must have took a lot of training

  19. Lohith Raj

    Lohith RajПре 5 дана

    I love his eyes tucker u are so cute

  20. Navreet kaur

    Navreet kaurПре 5 дана

    He no fat (chuby) HE HEKKING THIK (wrong english coz it's tucker grammar )

  21. Armin and Vedad

    Armin and VedadПре 6 дана

    I don’t think Linda is a very good owner 😒😭

  22. 1A15 LAM TSZ HUEN

    1A15 LAM TSZ HUENПре 6 дана

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 did tucker think that Linda going to give him a lot of 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

  23. Calem K

    Calem KПре 6 дана

    tucker gets a bit of food then he rises and was about to eat her face off

  24. Bryant Sherman

    Bryant ShermanПре 6 дана

    They way these dogs can eat and to show the bowl, but to spoon out one teaspoon of food is punishment for the dog. I realize that this was a joke as these dogs are so lovable.

  25. FC's The Meme

    FC's The MemeПре 6 дана

    Hahh I also own a golden he needs to meet, he is currently on a real diet.

  26. TorontoIsTheBest

    TorontoIsTheBestПре 6 дана

    That’s what I would do if I figure out if I’m on a diet

  27. Straberry Milk

    Straberry MilkПре 6 дана


  28. JazZ YazZ

    JazZ YazZПре 7 дана

    Wtf torturing the poor dog for views! Smh

  29. WillowIsAfk GamingVlogsFun

    WillowIsAfk GamingVlogsFunПре 7 дана

    He’s like: hooman i staving gimme more 😡

  30. Boss Dog - BoBo

    Boss Dog - BoBoПре 7 дана


  31. Rocky Maisy

    Rocky MaisyПре 8 дана

    I love how she know what his emotions and feelings!



    “Hekk you” -Tucker 2021

  33. Maya Goose

    Maya GooseПре 8 дана

    Linda: You may be dismissed now Tucker: You may sniff my butts now... Me: *dies*

  34. h fs

    h fsПре 9 дана

    I love himmmmm

  35. Kiranoir

    KiranoirПре 9 дана

    hehe, fortunately its just pretending, or else it might change its diet to......

  36. YaKioKun

    YaKioKunПре 9 дана

    *Cute 100%*

  37. Diptodeep Biswas

    Diptodeep BiswasПре 9 дана

    Best saying from the dog was , "thank DOGNESS" 🤣🤣

  38. Not a horse

    Not a horseПре 10 дана

    this is better than making your dog a vegetarian

  39. Fennec Gaming

    Fennec GamingПре 10 дана

    Savage....... Twinkie McGee

  40. Ultravis66

    Ultravis66Пре 10 дана


  41. TheGrumpyCat

    TheGrumpyCatПре 10 дана

    This dog has 100 iq, more communicative than most humans

  42. Summer Anderson

    Summer AndersonПре 11 дана


  43. Summer Anderson

    Summer AndersonПре 11 дана

    DE HEK

  44. Louisa Quinto

    Louisa QuintoПре 11 дана

    So cute! Tucker!🥺❤️

  45. Jennifer Matranga

    Jennifer MatrangaПре 11 дана

    I laughed so. Hard

  46. Nicole Li

    Nicole LiПре 11 дана


  47. TheSazbak

    TheSazbakПре 11 дана

    Why does he have to sit down before eating? Do you like that she is dependant on you and can make him do whatever you want?

  48. Manoj Kavinda

    Manoj KavindaПре 12 дана


  49. wilson Thekkekara

    wilson ThekkekaraПре 12 дана

    I love dogs your dogs marriage video was awsomr

  50. Stacy Enzmann

    Stacy EnzmannПре 12 дана

    That look of betrayal! It cuts to the dog owner's soul!

  51. melony berg

    melony bergПре 12 дана

    I love tucker he is a cutie 💖💜❤️🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💚

  52. Sisca Maria Parent

    Sisca Maria ParentПре 13 дана

    When Linda said that “ I have to give you proper portions “ I laughed so hard

  53. Sisca Maria Parent

    Sisca Maria ParentПре 13 дана

    This video is meant to have lots of likes and this channel is meant to have lots of subscribers. all the videos in this channel have to have lots of likes.

  54. El Kadro

    El KadroПре 13 дана

    "look who's talking" hahahaha

  55. Tenson

    TensonПре 13 дана

    *tucker * excuse me FOOD WERE DA REST OF MY FOOD RAFF *Me* poor thing ain't know it's a prank



    Who thinks Tucker is really cute

  57. Pearl Rodrigues

    Pearl RodriguesПре 14 дана

    Stop bullying Tucker 😔🤕

  58. •Clxwn_gurl•

    •Clxwn_gurl•Пре 14 дана

    Tucker eating good tonight

  59. Keiona Carter

    Keiona CarterПре 14 дана

    And then Tucker got his food

  60. Keiona Carter

    Keiona CarterПре 14 дана

    Tucker is so interesting I like his shows

  61. Marie Victor

    Marie VictorПре 14 дана

    Linda better not playing tricks on tucker

  62. Josue Cartagena

    Josue CartagenaПре 14 дана


  63. Digvijay Rao

    Digvijay RaoПре 15 дана

    To be honest this is not just a pet channel ofcourse he is adorable,but those narrations and Stories make it really special. Kudos to you both

  64. Sasikala Chereddi

    Sasikala ChereddiПре 15 дана

    Twinkie Mcgee Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. TV Indira

    TV IndiraПре 15 дана

    Sometimes i feel tucker says or thinks the same words in his head

  66. Patchouli von Darnassus

    Patchouli von DarnassusПре 16 дана

    my dog never showed that behaviour

  67. Patchouli von Darnassus

    Patchouli von DarnassusПре 16 дана

    a fox does over 500 sounds... and a Retriever? lets count

  68. Patchouli von Darnassus

    Patchouli von DarnassusПре 16 дана

    my retriever was born in 1995 and he was a very quiet man... he never barked ( only at neighbors) he started to be vocal after the VET told us he had brain cancer he was blind then

  69. Princess Margaux Angelique

    Princess Margaux AngeliqueПре 16 дана


  70. Sophie L. Gambino

    Sophie L. GambinoПре 16 дана


  71. Daniel Jones

    Daniel JonesПре 16 дана

    tucker eats better than i do . . .

  72. Shanoya wright

    Shanoya wrightПре 16 дана

    😂😂😂 Tucker is chubby but handsome


    TEDDY BEARПре 16 дана

    "Come to puppa " I'm laughing my head off idk why

  74. LenachenUSA

    LenachenUSAПре 17 дана

    More foods, Mommy, please! :)

  75. Phantom Hawk8276

    Phantom Hawk8276Пре 17 дана

    Tucker: Bark = Gimme food mommy Mommy = Diet? Tucker: >:-() BARK!!! = FOOD MOMMY!!!

  76. Fernando Cortez

    Fernando CortezПре 17 дана

    What's going on Tucker you're just being lazy

  77. alex ramirez

    alex ramirezПре 17 дана

    The numerous vegetarian expectably place because oxygen surprisingly stare via a scary children. broken, puzzled news

  78. Elena Harris

    Elena HarrisПре 18 дана

    My dog would just eat it and be happy even if we just gave him one piece of the dog food we buy

  79. Michael Wallace

    Michael WallaceПре 18 дана

    I loved that video


    PWOSH DUOПре 19 дана

    its so cool how he barks on cue and stuff good job tucker :)

  81. david hancock

    david hancockПре 20 дана

    Love your videos

  82. Sharmila G

    Sharmila GПре 20 дана

    Can you become the sun

  83. Ali Dawood

    Ali DawoodПре 20 дана

    “Look who’s talkin” lmao

  84. pa lam

    pa lamПре 20 дана

    Tucker: wait hold on here why one scoop!? Argh! More!

  85. Julian Agnero

    Julian AgneroПре 20 дана

    😆 so funny

  86. Conor Freaney

    Conor FreaneyПре 20 дана

    Just a simple 😂 sums up this video!

  87. Sinadi Ranathunga

    Sinadi RanathungaПре 20 дана

    Omg the way he points to the bowl

  88. Castpurse Plays!

    Castpurse Plays!Пре 21 дан


  89. gilly

    gillyПре 21 дан

    Look who`s talkin lol

  90. Rebekah Teague

    Rebekah TeagueПре 21 дан

    Omg lol I know this is old video but I love this dog lol 😆😂

  91. Julie Misisco

    Julie MisiscoПре 21 дан


  92. Solo Axnvy

    Solo AxnvyПре 21 дан

    Your illustrations is amazing it’s got me laughing so hard cause I actually think the dog talking 😂😭😭😭

  93. • Shoto Todoroki •

    • Shoto Todoroki •Пре 22 дана

    No more Chmiken, Tucker.

  94. Neve Weatherer

    Neve WeathererПре 22 дана

    Linda: “There’s the food for the chubby man.” Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Harry Craig

    Harry CraigПре 22 дана

    Hahahahaha it’s so funny when he was like excuse me?

  96. james lowe

    james loweПре 23 дана

    The hapless processing perinatally train because pair regularly supply forenenst a acidic wine. aberrant, young underclothes

  97. Laura Pratt

    Laura PrattПре 23 дана

    "Twinkie magee" -Tucker 2021

  98. Bernie Griffith-Jones

    Bernie Griffith-JonesПре 24 дана

    Ima try putting my dog on a fake diet i never tried that before cuz i wanna see his reaction🤣😏

  99. Dr.Poonam Biyani

    Dr.Poonam BiyaniПре 24 дана

    Oh how cute showing linda like here put the food in here haa

  100. Lilach Itzhak

    Lilach ItzhakПре 24 дана

    Adorable 💖🐶❤️

  101. EmaanCodeCookie

    EmaanCodeCookieПре 25 дана

    At this point tucker is so impawtant and cute