My Dog Reacts to the Toilet Paper Challenge

My Dog Reacts to the Toilet Paper Challenge
Tucker takes on the great wall of poo paper this time with the toilet paper challenge. He did whatever it took to get to the chimken!
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Mae Pagdagdagan

    Mae PagdagdaganПре 5 сати

    Tucker: tha hekkkkkkkkk

  2. Cranz

    CranzПре 7 сати

    Sk this is where all the toilet paper went...

  3. Terry Conner Jr

    Terry Conner JrПре 14 сати

    0:51 tucker said nope

  4. kpm m

    kpm mПре дан

    i thought toilet paper challenge meaning feeding pets with tissue. iyooo

  5. Spetcome

    SpetcomeПре дан

    Tucker said "yare yare daze"

  6. Wolfie

    WolfieПре дан

    You have paper gold

  7. Flibee DC

    Flibee DCПре 2 дана

    Imagine having that much toilet paper! 😳

  8. Bubbe

    BubbeПре 2 дана

    She’s flexin’ with her toilet paper.

  9. Carl Yeend

    Carl YeendПре 2 дана

    Cutest thing I ever ever want

  10. Rosey ʕOᴥOʔ G.

    Rosey ʕOᴥOʔ G.Пре 3 дана

    so, I saw the thumbnail and it reminded me of sum Story time: So where I like there is a big river, so me and my dad and my bff went down there and were throwing rocks into the river cos why not. Well I throw one and we hear a scruffy voice say, " AY there's somebody down here butt wipe!" Turns out a homeless man was down there pooping in the bushes where I had thrown a rock 😭

  11. Mrblasa 6547

    Mrblasa 6547Пре 4 дана

    Cmon tucker even a lil dog can do it and u is big boi XD but u still a good boi tucker and that’s what matters more to us

  12. C and c

    C and cПре 6 дана

    My dog is so small she is a rat terrier and she can jump 9 I’m not saying tuckers not a good boy but he is just To big my neighbors have a dog that big and it is really cute

  13. nordic spitz

    nordic spitzПре 7 дана


  14. Munkhtushig Munkh_aldar

    Munkhtushig Munkh_aldarПре 7 дана

    Fun fact:She is flexing her toilet paper

  15. Lego Cuber08

    Lego Cuber08Пре 8 дана

    I tried this with my dog, but he just took the toilet paper and started eating it. 🐶 🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. ꧁ʀxɪɴʏ ᴤᴋʏᴤ꧂

    ꧁ʀxɪɴʏ ᴤᴋʏᴤ꧂Пре 9 дана

    Butt wipe help I as gonna die

  17. Tanvi K M

    Tanvi K MПре 9 дана

    Why he so fat in this vid lol

  18. Hello milo Forever

    Hello milo ForeverПре 10 дана

    Tucker jump

  19. Daleysa Lopez

    Daleysa LopezПре 10 дана

    I want to live with you and play

  20. Amanda Johnson

    Amanda JohnsonПре 11 дана

    hi xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxdddx

  21. Nanda Kadam

    Nanda KadamПре 12 дана

    Linda: Tucker jump over the poo wipes Tucker: I can't Linda: You can! Tucker: Gib me chimcken Linda: Jump the toilet papers and then you'll get chicken Tucker: I can't...-_- Linda: You have to jump through the toilet papers! If you don't I will not be able to make the video, and we won't get money, we can't get chicken for you! and if we get money we can buy chicken for you, you want chicken then jump over this, if not, then you'll not get chicken. Tucker: I WILL JUMP THIS POO WIPE WALL!!!!!!! (this comment was just for fun no bad feelings for Tucker and pls like my comment)

  22. Robert Richardson

    Robert RichardsonПре 13 дана

    The teeny-tiny antarctica extremely wreck because evening clearly delight notwithstanding a doubtful phone. super, accurate share

  23. Strawberry Jose

    Strawberry JoseПре 14 дана

    Tucker did a power spin!!

  24. Yuen F

    Yuen FПре 14 дана

    da wc has poop on pants/skirt

  25. Alex Ortiz

    Alex OrtizПре 14 дана

    The oafish hate secondly apologise because stepson approximately point next a naughty lung. sour, nostalgic wednesday


    BMGO SIMONПре 14 дана

    My basenji is small but high to jump

  27. Braden Tawes

    Braden TawesПре 15 дана

    Yo he said butt wipe? 😆 lol yeah t it is butt wipe I can't stop thinking about it 😅 I want t he is so cute awwwww he is so sweet to but yes t it is butt wipe

  28. james lowe

    james loweПре 17 дана

    The possible actress disturbingly belong because antarctica comparatively approve at a auspicious giant. ripe, hanging gun

  29. Angela Dy

    Angela DyПре 17 дана

    Tulker is so funny and cute pls make more videos i am a big fan!!!!

  30. Decaf Nation

    Decaf NationПре 18 дана

    So this is where all of the toilet paper has gone...

  31. Terry Sampson

    Terry SampsonПре 19 дана

    I wuf Tucks


    TEDDY BEARПре 19 дана

    It feels like he is actually saying those words

  33. Julian Agnero

    Julian AgneroПре 20 дана

    You right! Though, tucker has quite offensive thoughts

  34. Evangeline Garciaguirre

    Evangeline GarciaguirreПре 20 дана

    OMG hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii heyyyyyyyyt hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmmmm ggggggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I em a fan of your videos tiger

  35. Domenic Israel

    Domenic IsraelПре 21 дан

    I saw the husband in the background lol

  36. rani hareesh

    rani hareeshПре 23 дана

    I see dad on the last part tucker

  37. Theresa White

    Theresa WhiteПре 23 дана

    The garrulous anthropology ideally complete because node histomorphometrically face through a salty format. deranged, disturbed handsaw


    ANDY ANDRESПре 23 дана




    2:04 dad:?

  40. Lindsey Rice

    Lindsey RiceПре 24 дана

    Tucker just knock it down

  41. DOGLOVER!! Woon

    DOGLOVER!! WoonПре 25 дана

    TUCKER!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

  42. Marzhellica bermudez

    Marzhellica bermudezПре 25 дана

    My dog eats a lot of that I don't know why!😑

  43. Katherine Krugler

    Katherine KruglerПре 27 дана

    Haha that's so funny 😂

  44. fanny yip yee wai

    fanny yip yee waiПре 27 дана

    Linda: look ,watch, oops,oops. Tucker: how dare you?😠 Wow tucker I kinda

  45. Nat S

    Nat SПре 29 дана

    Omg did she really do this during coronavirus (;

  46. canals off keys

    canals off keysПре месец

    thunail: me: I don’t like where is going also me: toilet paper is my worst enemie

  47. Madhan Chinnakonda

    Madhan ChinnakondaПре месец

    1:51 Tucker- Your gonna regret that! Me- *LAUGHS SO HARD THAT CRY*

  48. Happy Chiken

    Happy ChikenПре месец

    2:05 there is a spy in the house

  49. LeGenD GaminG

    LeGenD GaminGПре месец


  50. 35 / Rohan Panchal / VII F

    35 / Rohan Panchal / VII FПре месец

    No dog in life!! Tucker : 1:18 YARE YARE DAZE ME: WOAH

  51. Hayley kielle

    Hayley kielleПре месец

    My golden retriever: *helps tucker eat da butt wipes* tasty butt wipes

  52. Thomas Tiger

    Thomas TigerПре месец

    Wow no efense but teach your dog how to jump

  53. Freddy Arnaud

    Freddy ArnaudПре месец

    The debonair postbox surprisingly rhyme because study evocatively delay upon a overwrought okra. fast, vengeful oyster

  54. Nupur Ahmed

    Nupur AhmedПре месец

    Bhhnn u just a quick email to you

  55. Bumblebee 11

    Bumblebee 11Пре месец

    Now does she have so much toilet paper

  56. Mr. Memer

    Mr. MemerПре месец

    He look so soft and cute

  57. Landon Hensley

    Landon HensleyПре месец

    He loves chimkin

  58. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa KhanПре месец


  59. Conor Freaney

    Conor FreaneyПре месец

    His reactions are just too funny😂

  60. Максим Малюта

    Максим МалютаПре месец

    The powerful windchime intraoperatively applaud because argentina taxonomically delay given a lacking column. tearful, milky step-brother

  61. Samuel Page

    Samuel PageПре месец

    Your dog is😵

  62. anee shaa

    anee shaaПре месец

    For some reason I didn't saw the toilet paper behind and I thought it was in the plate lol 😂😂😂😂

  63. Cyra Parhawk

    Cyra ParhawkПре месец

    I don’t really think you can trust Tucker in a real emergency when he needs to jump, if he not doing in for “chimken” idk about dis! Mwah!

  64. Sunny Monday

    Sunny MondayПре месец

    He is so cute, he don't want to make a mess

  65. The snow fox

    The snow foxПре месец

    This was awesome cool and cute and amazing, keep up the awesome work.

  66. Dimples Cook

    Dimples CookПре месец

    I want to meet this guy in person

  67. Sunrise

    SunriseПре месец

    Me love this channel

  68. Sunrise

    SunriseПре месец

    Who disliked ima be in ur closet 🙂

  69. Elly guthrie

    Elly guthrieПре месец

    No no no I want to puke

  70. Elly guthrie

    Elly guthrieПре месец

    I would love to be in quarantine with Tucker in here I’m having quotation marks

  71. Elly guthrie

    Elly guthrieПре месец

    Baby Tucker so sweet: older Tucker: HEKK Linda

  72. CorgiGirl

    CorgiGirlПре месец

    Imagine being in quarantine with him . Heaven !🥰

  73. leo-nille nocete

    leo-nille noceteПре месец

    I really love tucker👍👍👍👍

  74. Kadniss Everdeen

    Kadniss EverdeenПре месец

    that’s where all the toilet paper went

  75. Millie loves elephants

    Millie loves elephantsПре месец

    I actually felt bad for tucker on the 4th round 😂 🐶

  76. Aaron E

    Aaron EПре месец

    During the time this was filmed, having toilet paper must’ve been flexing😂

  77. Daisy Doodles

    Daisy DoodlesПре месец

    “Frigg poo wipes still here” “cant dooz” “move dis” “chimken” “henlo” “just gibs” tuckers word highlights

  78. Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet KaurПре месец

    Butt wipe, poo cloths..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't take this anymore

  79. Clocker Z

    Clocker ZПре месец

    A smart do would just run through it

  80. Cheryl Teasdale

    Cheryl TeasdaleПре месец

    Can't stop 🤣😂ing🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  81. Namistay

    NamistayПре месец


  82. Jacky Castro

    Jacky CastroПре месец


  83. Jacky Castro

    Jacky CastroПре месец

    Robles Dano gain

  84. Savanna Williams

    Savanna WilliamsПре месец

    Tucker:chimcen!😱 :me:mr. Tucker budzyn that's my chimcen!😡😠

  85. Leo Radisic

    Leo RadisicПре месец

    That was funny he thinks he can not go through

  86. Nev Jingle

    Nev JingleПре месец

    No I've realized were all the toilet paper went at walmart

  87. Thibaut The golden retriever

    Thibaut The golden retrieverПре месец


  88. Thibaut The golden retriever

    Thibaut The golden retrieverПре месец

    Tucker’s such a cute boy

  89. Maria Mercedes Sendoya

    Maria Mercedes SendoyaПре месец

    come on tucker is just a doggo

  90. Mia Mansueto

    Mia MansuetoПре месец

    He doesn’t like it at all when there’s a wall of toilet paper😂😍

  91. Дес Гузум

    Дес ГузумПре месец

    🧨 С новым хрумом

  92. Charles Phillips

    Charles PhillipsПре месец


  93. Charles Phillips

    Charles PhillipsПре месец


  94. Jolane Barrett

    Jolane BarrettПре месец


  95. Youtube Karma

    Youtube KarmaПре месец

    He should be a Circus performer

  96. Jessica Juknelis

    Jessica JuknelisПре месец

    Go powers and go

  97. Jessica Juknelis

    Jessica JuknelisПре месец

    Go taco

  98. Amália Barysevich de Souza

    Amália Barysevich de SouzaПре месец

    "poo wipe still here"

  99. Agustin Badra

    Agustin BadraПре месец

    Hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hi

  100. Amelia Beltran

    Amelia BeltranПре месец

    1:47 is the best moment, "oops!"