This Is What My Dog Does When I Workout

This Is What My Dog Does When I Workout
There's nothing like living with a golden retriever. You always have a fluffy buddy right by your side whenever you do anything. This is what Tucker does every time I try to workout.
What was your favorite part?
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  2. Light of the World

    Light of the WorldПре 7 сати

    She could give a dog a bone.

  3. Isabella Gonzalez

    Isabella GonzalezПре 9 сати

    i am literaly dieing of laughter

  4. Rukmini Hebbare

    Rukmini HebbareПре 21 сат

    Omg he is so cute

  5. Vepyxl

    VepyxlПре 23 сата

    Omg i love when tucker farted

  6. Pro gamer yt

    Pro gamer ytПре дан


  7. ai kakimoto

    ai kakimotoПре дан

    So. Cool my dog is same


    DANIEL VDOVINПре 2 дана

    To: dogs are awesome, hello you should’ve named your self dogs pawsome

  9. Daniel lynn

    Daniel lynnПре 2 дана

    2:28 wat she doing.? Milking his pen ?😂

  10. Suvarna Kaloti

    Suvarna KalotiПре 3 дана

    Omg DOGA!!!!!

  11. Ambrielle's Adventures

    Ambrielle's AdventuresПре 3 дана


  12. Ambrielle's Adventures

    Ambrielle's AdventuresПре 3 дана

    wow tucker!......after 60000000 minutes: bruhhh

  13. Zanaiah Nicole U. Rabaca

    Zanaiah Nicole U. RabacaПре 3 дана

    This is the smartest doggo that I've ever watched in RSfire😘🥰😍

  14. john T

    john TПре 3 дана

    I would love to be tucker. Lucky dog...

  15. layla lipich

    layla lipichПре 3 дана


  16. Frost

    FrostПре 3 дана

    That is not how we do the downward dog. Tucker: Are you the dog here or I? Yes that's right

  17. Frost

    FrostПре 3 дана

    Form. All. Bad

  18. Danielle Blankenship

    Danielle BlankenshipПре 4 дана

    Tucker: rubs wall * Linda try dis!!! Linda: *Starts rubbing wall and acts like tucker Tucker: I WAS JOKIN Tucker: NOW DA WALL STIBKS

  19. Kruppt808

    Kruppt808Пре 4 дана

    dogs know how to get humans to give them love.

  20. Shinko gaming

    Shinko gamingПре 4 дана

    No doubts:Linda is too beautiful like tucker.boths are lovely.

  21. Natalie Hill

    Natalie HillПре 4 дана

    Such a beautiful dog

  22. Ava Machado

    Ava MachadoПре 4 дана


  23. Liara rose Dinayadura

    Liara rose DinayaduraПре 4 дана

    He is a trainer 🐶

  24. Carmel Herskovitz

    Carmel HerskovitzПре 5 дана

    I always find it cute when a dog gives a hand💓

  25. Robert Richardson

    Robert RichardsonПре 5 дана

    The mountainous flower ontogenically tow because puma microcephaly poke a a remarkable rayon. political, distinct temperature

  26. Eva Christadoss

    Eva ChristadossПре 5 дана

    Love you both so much 💗

  27. Priyanka Nair

    Priyanka NairПре 5 дана

    Linda: *WORKING HARD* Tucker: I gets you a baby weight BRB

  28. Emerald Sword カメ

    Emerald Sword カメПре 5 дана

    Thats why i dont have high energy clingy breeds..I have an akita inu and a central asian shepherd and they are chilling in home guarding and rarely seek attention..Goldies are good options but i like independent breeds much more

  29. White Moon Kennels

    White Moon KennelsПре 5 дана

    Really Love Your Content, keep Doing it, Say hi to Tucker, best of Luck

  30. Anirban Roy

    Anirban RoyПре 5 дана

    Linda you look so cute and Gorgeous

  31. AdminBossKiller

    AdminBossKillerПре 5 дана

    is your name Courtney or Linda??

  32. Carter Winkel

    Carter WinkelПре 6 дана

    all she does is kiss tuker

  33. anjaliramadas

    anjaliramadasПре 6 дана

    Whene i am tenshon that time i wil look tuckers vidios that time my tenshon will be gone 😍

  34. ravisha

    ravishaПре 7 дана


  35. Taetum Demel

    Taetum DemelПре 7 дана

    2:37 it looks like tucker gonna jump and linda tries to catch him

  36. Taetum Demel

    Taetum DemelПре 7 дана

    Linda: Im outta shape!! Tucker: IVE BEEN SAYING DAT FOR YEARS NOW COW LADY XD He mean to ya linda but we love him

  37. Taetum Demel

    Taetum DemelПре 7 дана

    Tucker: U should try dis linda Linda: *tries it* Tucker: NO WAIT I WAS JOKIN

  38. Bharath Eshwar

    Bharath EshwarПре 7 дана

    I love tucker

  39. Ria Umay

    Ria UmayПре 8 дана


  40. Aakash Parihar

    Aakash PariharПре 9 дана

    I wonder what Linda's partner must feel like when he gives her hickeys and she tastes like dog saliva 😂

  41. wilson Thekkekara

    wilson ThekkekaraПре 9 дана

    I have a dog too her name is......

  42. Thatdude Kyle

    Thatdude KyleПре 9 дана

    He’s such a floofy pupper 😄

  43. Riley Welsch

    Riley WelschПре 9 дана

    this is what my golden retriever does EVERY DAY

  44. Adam

    AdamПре 9 дана

    Me not wishing I had a dog........... Totally not 👁️👄👁️💅💅💅

  45. Gemi Crisostomo

    Gemi CrisostomoПре 9 дана

    Tucker stong boi


    ABHINAV S MENONПре 9 дана

    At 1:46 he was laughing after having fun interrupting looks 🔥🔥

  47. Ian McKlatchie

    Ian McKlatchieПре 10 дана

    That brightened my whole day, young Lady! You two are pals, forever!



    omg i love tucker hes so funny and the capcions are like there real

  49. Ultravis66

    Ultravis66Пре 10 дана


  50. Unicørn Layla

    Unicørn LaylaПре 11 дана

    Hi im a big fan of your videos

  51. Klaire Heard

    Klaire HeardПре 11 дана

    Tucker: for all I care I’m tried and you can’t get me up! Linda: Wow so your just going to do nothing 😳 Downwards dog: get up lazy and help Linda

  52. Coco Goodrich

    Coco GoodrichПре 11 дана

    This is a routine I WILL be trying

  53. Sean Maurice Sanopo

    Sean Maurice SanopoПре 12 дана


  54. She Will

    She WillПре 12 дана

    Just the coolest dog ever

  55. Willard Fasto

    Willard FastoПре 12 дана

    If I was her husband or boyfriend I'd do the exact same.

  56. Robert Richardson

    Robert RichardsonПре 12 дана

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  57. Robert Richardson

    Robert RichardsonПре 12 дана

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    Robert RichardsonПре 12 дана

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  59. Amrit R

    Amrit RПре 12 дана

    I love dogs turker is so funny

  60. eliminatetheCIA

    eliminatetheCIAПре 13 дана

    granny pants

  61. JustAnotherTracer

    JustAnotherTracerПре 13 дана

    This is why i want a doggo. would be fun. and a girlfriend lol

  62. Tero Timonen

    Tero TimonenПре 13 дана

    it's not fair. whenever i do things like Tucker people just call cops on me. smh

  63. Kho Duy

    Kho DuyПре 14 дана

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.


    RMS FAMILYПре 14 дана


  65. Mountain rock

    Mountain rockПре 14 дана

    2:00 Mountain rock

  66. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezПре 14 дана

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  67. Suyin Eraya S. Shiimin

    Suyin Eraya S. ShiiminПре 14 дана

    3:28 what my brother's dog does when she sees me sitting in that position


    MODD GAMERПре 14 дана

    That dog was a male human in the dog's past life

  69. Parimala Shrikanth

    Parimala ShrikanthПре 15 дана

    How does he do all those tricks... omg🤩😍

  70. Ana Galvez

    Ana GalvezПре 15 дана


  71. Kortlynn Seekins

    Kortlynn SeekinsПре 15 дана

    I am actually getting a puppy to her name is Molly she is free also

  72. David Patriot

    David PatriotПре 15 дана

    you and your dog are beautiful souls

  73. karl otto

    karl ottoПре 15 дана

    perfect brushed dog :) nice.. and its absolutly random! i swear ;P

  74. BrooklynRE

    BrooklynREПре 15 дана

    There's a dog in this video?

  75. nobodys baby

    nobodys babyПре 16 дана

    A relationship between a girl & her dog is a beautiful thing.😄

  76. Coakley Lewis

    Coakley LewisПре 16 дана

    Yeah, my dog wouldn't sit still for all those smooches.

  77. Rajeev Mukherjee TUK

    Rajeev Mukherjee TUKПре 16 дана

    So sweet to know

  78. Brooke Osbon

    Brooke OsbonПре 16 дана

    I get so happy when I see Tucker do something he is so smart.

  79. Rajeev Mukherjee TUK

    Rajeev Mukherjee TUKПре 16 дана

    Smart Tucker

  80. Robert Richardson

    Robert RichardsonПре 16 дана

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  81. Phantom Hawk8276

    Phantom Hawk8276Пре 17 дана

    Everyone who wants to bark with Tucker 👇

  82. Rajeev Mukherjee TUK

    Rajeev Mukherjee TUKПре 16 дана

    I liked.

  83. S S

    S SПре 17 дана

    The dog has the right idea. If I was that dog I would be doing the same thing.

  84. Tina Butkus

    Tina ButkusПре 17 дана

    Tucker is quite the dog ! A handsome devil just love him ❤️

  85. Taha Selim Bebek

    Taha Selim BebekПре 17 дана

    Ugh... why are you making stupid vedios? Linda no One Wants to see your time with tucker! You understand Me Linda!? O! And also lame! So lime

  86. Rooney TV

    Rooney TVПре 16 дана

    Like you should talk about making stupid videos. Your channel is full of them

  87. Sherwin Daguro

    Sherwin DaguroПре 17 дана

    Is tucker anoying??

  88. susan helms

    susan helmsПре 18 дана

    He's so silky, well brushed.

  89. Maja Tanushoska

    Maja TanushoskaПре 18 дана

    Depression: exists. Tucker: hold my cuteness ❤️

  90. Lillian Jacobs

    Lillian JacobsПре 18 дана

    😂 Tucker he's so cute 🤣🤣🤣

  91. Roland Sorg

    Roland SorgПре 19 дана

    Very nice - THANKs!

  92. Leonard Cogar

    Leonard CogarПре 19 дана

    This dog has zero personality. That is one boring and lazy animal. The Bible clearly states when a mut interrupts you from trying to take care of your temple, you must take it into the wild. Let this dog fight against a pack of wolves. This is very pleasing for God!

  93. Shanta Prasad

    Shanta PrasadПре 19 дана

    I love the golden retriever too much in order for me to kiss its cheeks!❤️💋


    AKSHARA TYAGIПре 19 дана

    This how many people want to meet Tucker. 👇

  95. 26 PUNIT JAIN

    26 PUNIT JAINПре 19 дана

    *Let's make a loop* - - - - 1


    PETFLIXПре 19 дана


  97. Roblox Girls

    Roblox GirlsПре 19 дана



    Marcio CARNEIRO DE SOUZAПре 20 дана

    I suget more them u my dog 🐕 just jumps on me he has big clas

  99. Rahmo Noor

    Rahmo NoorПре 20 дана

    T Yup

  100. Owais Shah

    Owais ShahПре 20 дана

    I got the wrong idea looking at the thumbnail

  101. Brenda Tobin

    Brenda TobinПре 20 дана

    Love the merch ❤️

  102. Benizoid 1225

    Benizoid 1225Пре 21 дан

    Tucker has a big personality and it's amazing!!

  103. ا ب

    ا بПре 21 дан

    Ето красива

  104. Jenefer Ombao

    Jenefer OmbaoПре 21 дан

    Tucker is so smart learn how to high five! Amazing! And UNDERSTANDS!