Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken

Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken
Tucker CANNOT resist chicken. He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with an entire delicious chicken.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Pamela Mohamid

    Pamela MohamidПре 7 сати

    He eat chicken hahahqhqhaahaha

  2. Cuwo

    CuwoПре 16 сати

    This is gonna be on ur recommended

  3. Caiden Rainer

    Caiden RainerПре 12 сати


  4. gord davidson

    gord davidsonПре 15 сати


  5. Akther Mohammed

    Akther MohammedПре дан

    Dog says maybe she pooping

  6. DefNot Lesi

    DefNot LesiПре дан


  7. Shit Post

    Shit PostПре 2 дана

    2:13 next up we have Geodude

  8. Jack Braswell

    Jack BraswellПре 2 дана

    Tucker is like my ex when it comes to chicken, both of them love there chicken

  9. Average forza player

    Average forza playerПре 2 дана

    Is anyone not going to mention the fact that she left the bones inside the chicken

  10. jladdl e

    jladdl eПре дан

    Ikr fucking stupid

  11. Aizah Kazmi

    Aizah KazmiПре 3 дана

    Me see chimkin me order KFC! !!!!!!!

  12. Tronf

    TronfПре 4 дана

    Tucker: waits to get all the chimken Also tucker: didn't get all the shimken so just ate all of the chimken fast

  13. Blue to Red Kennels

    Blue to Red KennelsПре 4 дана

    Got it?................leave it

  14. Addison's World!

    Addison's World!Пре 4 дана

    Double lol

  15. Bassem Ibrahim

    Bassem IbrahimПре 5 дана

    Oh my dog !

  16. Armin and Vedad

    Armin and VedadПре 5 дана

    Tucker is a champion stealing steak

  17. Dhanik, dhanik

    Dhanik, dhanikПре 5 дана

    If my dog was there he will definitely eat the chicken

  18. Kasia Wolska

    Kasia WolskaПре 6 дана

    The gullible gusty lightning holly stitch because kale natively zoom beneath a guarded note. eager, brief protest

  19. TorontoIsTheBest

    TorontoIsTheBestПре 6 дана

    Must avoid eye contact wif chimken 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Shrey

    ShreyПре 7 дана


  21. Arayan Galloway

    Arayan GallowayПре 7 дана

    So cute!

  22. Shashank Sharma

    Shashank SharmaПре 7 дана

    After watching 4-5 videos than I know hekk mean fuck 😂

  23. Sunniee

    SunnieeПре 8 дана


  24. Liberty Green

    Liberty GreenПре 8 дана


  25. Liberty Green

    Liberty GreenПре 8 дана

    that would be funny if he was saying all that!

  26. Big Yoshi

    Big YoshiПре 8 дана


  27. Vivs Amber

    Vivs AmberПре 8 дана

    He's got much more patience than me...🍗

  28. bibhuti handique

    bibhuti handiqueПре 8 дана


  29. Joe metal

    Joe metalПре 8 дана

    Where my mash potato and gravy. Dumb restaurant

  30. LWF LWF

    LWF LWFПре 8 дана

    those were just love bites😘

  31. Hafsa Ahsan

    Hafsa AhsanПре 8 дана


  32. Wheel Barrow

    Wheel BarrowПре 8 дана


  33. Dancer Chloe 1

    Dancer Chloe 1Пре 8 дана

    You mean chimken

  34. The Great Interpreter

    The Great InterpreterПре 9 дана

    I'm pretty sure chicken is Tucker's biggest weak spot. There's simply no resisting.

  35. Monica the Great

    Monica the GreatПре 9 дана

    my dog would bite the chicken even before I leave

  36. MrDonnyEnglish

    MrDonnyEnglishПре 9 дана

    Maybe she pooping

  37. Brett Mitchell

    Brett MitchellПре 10 дана

    Was doing the starve! 😅🤣😂😭

  38. Brett Mitchell

    Brett MitchellПре 10 дана

    I love this!!!!!!!! This is what the world needs more of!

  39. Terry Sampson

    Terry SampsonПре 10 дана

    Tucker is so cute, just like my late Thor

  40. Si Dunue

    Si DunueПре 10 дана

    wow the dog's so inconsiderate. Then again, animals are animals.

  41. Perado

    PeradoПре 11 дана

    cute ass bow


    JAMIE DEARINGПре 11 дана

    I'm a dog

  43. Foster

    FosterПре 11 дана

    You know if he eats the chicken the bones Will splinter in his throat and probably kill your dog.

  44. Mick MC

    Mick MCПре 12 дана

    she really loves those dogs.. maybe we can swap my labs for your trained ones lol

  45. Bri & Jessie

    Bri & JessieПре 12 дана

    his face when he moved closer the 1st time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. F.B.I

    F.B.IПре 12 дана

    This dog gotta be the most trained retriever

  47. Lily Jia

    Lily JiaПре 13 дана

    He is such a good boi trying not to eat the chimcken (lol my spelling)

  48. May Kala

    May KalaПре 13 дана

    When Linda's phone rings.... Tucker: do not answers Tucker: we busy.... Tucker: hangs up immediate.... I love the looks on Tucker's face....

  49. Alma Ramos

    Alma RamosПре 13 дана

    “ Dad said I could “ He sure did Linda lol. Take it up with dad budzyn lol.

  50. Victoria Beauchamp

    Victoria BeauchampПре 13 дана

    Vintage Corning ware has a LOT of lead in the paint. Please don’t use it for eating :(

  51. Jordan Holland

    Jordan HollandПре 13 дана

    He has such discipline. I love him!

  52. Angel Tompa

    Angel TompaПре 13 дана

    The hulking oil rarely want because airmail comparatively change within a dependent refrigerator. mountainous, penitent mother-in-law

  53. Amabangu

    AmabanguПре 13 дана

    My question is did she keep it in the chicken after the dog licked all over it

  54. Paul Jacques

    Paul JacquesПре 13 дана

    Tucker : ''Mom is a little bit sadistic but don't repeat it...''

  55. gowri krishnan

    gowri krishnanПре 13 дана

    Oh my dog?? Linda is the best doggo linguist

  56. PomPom Panda

    PomPom PandaПре 13 дана

    If anybody noticed, in the middle..... Tucker said CHICKEN instead of CHIMKEN!!!!!

  57. Nguyenthi Anhkhoi

    Nguyenthi AnhkhoiПре 14 дана


  58. Kimberlym Alcantara

    Kimberlym AlcantaraПре 14 дана

    This puppy is so so cute

  59. Kailey Bautista

    Kailey BautistaПре 14 дана

    That was 2 days after my birthday 🥳

  60. Muazzez başal

    Muazzez başalПре 14 дана


  61. Smol_

    Smol_Пре 14 дана

    Omg 😯 is that chicken 🍗

  62. Marie Cruz

    Marie CruzПре 14 дана

    0:16 I wonder how it didn't burn

  63. Kerry Barber

    Kerry BarberПре 14 дана

    Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

  64. Joy Barnes

    Joy BarnesПре 14 дана


  65. Belle Chen

    Belle ChenПре 15 дана

    if i were doing dis i wouldnt have the willpower to stay away and not wait for the doggy

  66. TFGVideos

    TFGVideosПре 15 дана

    Next up: leaving my Hooman alone with a whole chimken

  67. Nirujen Manoharan

    Nirujen ManoharanПре 15 дана

    I just wanna punch the screen and grab it. I am practically Tucker. Lol

  68. Tracy Howard

    Tracy HowardПре 15 дана

    stop teasing your dog you mean girl

  69. Grace Watson

    Grace WatsonПре 15 дана

    Tucker is da hekkin bestest boi in da world 🌏🌏

  70. Darius Wells

    Darius WellsПре 15 дана

    “Pawlice” 🤣🤣🤣

  71. Chris Town

    Chris TownПре 16 дана

    i dont even have a chance to say leave the chimken my beagle pup finishes eating and even cleans plate with thoung

  72. Dylan Lapuz

    Dylan LapuzПре 16 дана

    Juicy chicken is up!! Tucket: Am good boi 😎 Linda: No eats for u Linda: gets call/ Linda again: do not eat tucker!!! Tucker; must avoid not even look Tucker: Ugh so yummy

  73. Reece hittin the Piece

    Reece hittin the PieceПре 16 дана

    a fans dream to start a game of with a fight.

  74. Emily Zhuo

    Emily ZhuoПре 16 дана

    Tucker your so cute

  75. Huitzi10 Scooby

    Huitzi10 ScoobyПре 16 дана

    Tear it up Tucker...hahaha...for torturing you:)

  76. CJSnews

    CJSnewsПре 16 дана

    My mouth is also watering...

  77. James The Dachshund

    James The DachshundПре 16 дана

    What is “Chicken?” I’ve only heard of chimken

  78. Shahin Azeez

    Shahin AzeezПре 16 дана

    Chimken taste goood - Dog 🐕‍🦺

  79. Shanoya wright

    Shanoya wrightПре 16 дана

    So funny when tucker avoids the chicken

  80. Hema Latha

    Hema LathaПре 16 дана

    At 1.27 Sec. See tucker he has a Flower crowd

  81. no name

    no nameПре 16 дана

    He atacc He protecc But most importantly He eats a snacc

  82. calloftheasians

    calloftheasiansПре 17 дана

    Dw Tucker , i dont think I could do that either

  83. Natalie McIntyre

    Natalie McIntyreПре 17 дана

    lmao I was like"how did she film inside a hot oven???" Its a roasted chicken from the store obviously I'm so dumb lol

  84. Zainab Mahmoud

    Zainab MahmoudПре 17 дана


  85. Alex Elepan

    Alex ElepanПре 17 дана

    that is so funny

  86. INDIAN Powerlifters

    INDIAN PowerliftersПре 17 дана

    Jst few centuries after they will start speaking

  87. Sophie Maude

    Sophie MaudeПре 17 дана

    Oh and 1:39 in 2x speed. Tucker runs so fast

  88. Sophie Maude

    Sophie MaudeПре 17 дана

    0:34 play it in 025x speed

  89. jeremy medina

    jeremy medinaПре 17 дана

    The scarce country concurringly cough because oboe postsynaptically stir around a alleged cocktail. needless, noiseless argument

  90. Arvind Das

    Arvind DasПре 17 дана

    Linda this is so unfair !

  91. The Destroyer

    The DestroyerПре 18 дана

    there are people starving without getting basic food and these people are feeding dogs luxury food

  92. Ashley

    AshleyПре 18 дана

    I left some takeout bbq on the table for 5 minutes and my dog ate the entire container and hid the container under the couch so we wouldn’t find it

  93. lucky_x16

    lucky_x16Пре 18 дана

    I agree with the dog. Steak? No problem I will wait for you to eat it. Chicken? Don't even blink.

  94. Livy

    LivyПре 18 дана


  95. Tricia Ragab

    Tricia RagabПре 18 дана

    This is the cutest dog 😍

  96. Saswati Chakrabarti

    Saswati ChakrabartiПре 18 дана

    Who is here after steak?? 👇

  97. True Potterhead

    True PotterheadПре 18 дана

    You put chicken in the thumbnail not chimken

  98. Travels DZoon

    Travels DZoonПре 18 дана

    What a dog he is ! I have cat videos on my channel. I invite you all to come and watch

  99. Lorelei H.

    Lorelei H.Пре 18 дана

    1:24 😂flower pot!

  100. Pooja Shahani

    Pooja ShahaniПре 19 дана

    That guy could not resist the chimken for long still he is very cute

  101. Marie Ellaine Bautista

    Marie Ellaine BautistaПре 19 дана

    chimken hahahah

  102. Karalynn Brancatella

    Karalynn BrancatellaПре 19 дана

    Can you do a day in life or another road trip

  103. Ritisha Sylvester

    Ritisha SylvesterПре 19 дана

    Omg tucker you eat out Linda food