Dog Reacts to My Quarantine Eyebrows

Dog Reacts to My Quarantine Eyebrows
With all the salons closed and everyone staying at home, my eyebrows are off the chain! How will Tucker react to my ridiculous quarantine brows???
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Fátima Santos

    Fátima SantosПре сат

    Sente o cheiro da cola

  2. Halo James

    Halo JamesПре 19 сати

    2:16 Tucker's face is very funny.

  3. Claudia Canales

    Claudia CanalesПре дан

    Tucker: you pay for dis Linda. I leave a turd on your bed!

  4. Mirabelle Miller

    Mirabelle MillerПре дан

    Linda, you are one crazy lady, so funny and creative...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Lotto Stud

    Lotto StudПре 2 дана

    Haha I loved the eyebrows on Tucker 😂😂😂💀

  6. Amber Epple

    Amber EppleПре 2 дана




    ur eyebrows are a hekking bush linda

  8. Purnima Boro

    Purnima BoroПре 3 дана

    Tucker was looking very funny🤣🤣

  9. varshha prashanth

    varshha prashanthПре 5 дана

    He looks funny

  10. laksha

    lakshaПре 6 дана


  11. Brazen log

    Brazen logПре 8 дана

    I think tucker should be invited to ytff clearly he deserves that. I mean this little sweet doggo has become the reason of smile for millions of us. Really would wanna meet tucker one day. A little fan girl moment

  12. AfRidi WhatEver

    AfRidi WhatEverПре 8 дана

    Bogdan is that u???

  13. Arjan Lamichhane

    Arjan LamichhaneПре 8 дана

    The captions are so convincing I’m starting to feel he’s actually talking.

  14. Jake C

    Jake CПре 11 дана

    Tucker, most handsome retriever.

  15. Jarin Jayena

    Jarin JayenaПре 12 дана

    Tucker you are cool

  16. dschonsie

    dschonsieПре 12 дана

    easily top five in the miss sibiria beauty pageant..........btw, the winner has a monobrow

  17. Inigo Ocampo

    Inigo OcampoПре 12 дана

    We love you guys specially tucker

  18. manideep chatterjee

    manideep chatterjeeПре 13 дана

    I want to see your dog's reaction in mirror.. please 🤗

  19. Caylean Ramirez

    Caylean RamirezПре 13 дана

    I take it to her didn't like the eyebrows. Lol

  20. Saranya Maity

    Saranya MaityПре 14 дана

    From young to old Tucker , just a matter of eye brows

  21. Thommy Carlsson

    Thommy CarlssonПре 14 дана

    what a beutiful dog

  22. Sofhia Valerie Vidal

    Sofhia Valerie VidalПре 14 дана

    😘😘😍Love you tuck

  23. Iva Lazovska

    Iva LazovskaПре 15 дана

    I luv tucker so much he is such a cute doggo i luv u tucker hav a nice day

  24. SpringerSpanielsAreTheBest Doggo

    SpringerSpanielsAreTheBest DoggoПре 15 дана


  25. Mabel Haffey

    Mabel HaffeyПре 16 дана

    Such a gentle doggo🐕

  26. Ava Molina

    Ava MolinaПре 17 дана

    Tucker do those look weird to you on Linda😐or🤣

  27. Minsu Chang

    Minsu ChangПре 18 дана

    2:15 omg lol

  28. Robo Piratekitty

    Robo PiratekittyПре 18 дана


  29. bts army

    bts armyПре 18 дана

    Tucker looks like a biggest celebrity with those eyebrows

  30. Kylie Coan

    Kylie CoanПре 18 дана

    I wasn’t surprised that Tucker was the one that ended up wearing the eyebrows!! 😂😂 Love you Tucker!

  31. Sonal shalom

    Sonal shalomПре 20 дана

    Look what you did to that Angel face Linda! 😁💓💚

  32. Karina Hinduja

    Karina HindujaПре 20 дана

    He is so cute

  33. Saiyara Omg

    Saiyara OmgПре 22 дана


  34. Calco and BanBans Awesome World

    Calco and BanBans Awesome WorldПре 22 дана

    To kill quarantine | YEAH KILL QUARANTINE V

  35. Sapphire Minto

    Sapphire MintoПре 23 дана

    Oma gosh where did tucker learn the sh* word from

  36. Chey

    CheyПре 23 дана

    Tucker: hekk those thigns.. Me: I DONT UNDERSTAND U

  37. Kyera McFarland

    Kyera McFarlandПре 24 дана

    how do you get him to be alright around cameras and being filmed? my dog is completely camra shy

  38. Luca Tognotti

    Luca TognottiПре 24 дана

    Noah Levenstein's (American pie) eyebrows

  39. Michael Jackson

    Michael JacksonПре 26 дана

    Plz don't stop these videos....i just can't find another way to deal with all that fucking stress...

  40. Stacie Hyler

    Stacie HylerПре 26 дана

    Awww Tucker you look so cute

  41. Stacie Hyler

    Stacie HylerПре 26 дана

    I can’t lie you’re rocking those brows

  42. Gurbani Kaur

    Gurbani KaurПре 26 дана

    Guys if you love tucker ,watch meeka the husky too

  43. Dhruv Patil

    Dhruv PatilПре 27 дана

    You and your dog is so so good

  44. CC CC

    CC CCПре 27 дана

    8 months later... Wear a double mask

  45. Eva Christadoss

    Eva ChristadossПре 28 дана

    Sweetheart I love you 😍 Tucky 🥰

  46. Martina Putnik

    Martina PutnikПре 28 дана

    He is sooooo smart♥️♥️♥️♥️

  47. Charming Subhiksha

    Charming SubhikshaПре 28 дана


  48. Naveen Usman

    Naveen UsmanПре 29 дана

    Awww the poor baby looked so sad when Linda put the eyebrows on him

  49. Forkyhouse Roblox

    Forkyhouse RobloxПре месец

    Tucker is so funny

  50. Forkyhouse Roblox

    Forkyhouse RobloxПре месец

    I’m lightning McQueen cha-chow

  51. Fun Mania with Harsakhi

    Fun Mania with HarsakhiПре месец

    Henlo! Tucker

  52. Alain Robinson

    Alain RobinsonПре месец

    Omg.... He's heckin cuteeeeee...

  53. Sugar_ Bear

    Sugar_ BearПре месец


  54. Exotic Squad

    Exotic SquadПре месец

    inagine taking that off 0-0

  55. Akash Rampersad

    Akash RampersadПре месец

    He looks so cute when he smiles

  56. Karen Maqueira

    Karen MaqueiraПре месец

    Linda: who's got the ugly eyebrows now? tucker: HECK YOU LINDA! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. fluxigraal.

    fluxigraal.Пре месец

    U are the cutest doggo I have ever seen.

  58. denny danile

    denny danileПре месец


  59. Bea Urzaiz

    Bea UrzaizПре месец

    OMG, Tucker w/ the eyebrows is adorable!!!! Looks so so sad!!! LOVE this dog and just subbed!!!

  60. Anindita Deb

    Anindita DebПре месец

    The way Linda writes tuckers feelings that's awesome❤❤❤

  61. Omar Sherif

    Omar SherifПре месец

    And he looks like tucker

  62. Omar Sherif

    Omar SherifПре месец

    I had an dog that looks like tucker

  63. Omar Sherif

    Omar SherifПре месец

    But I had an golden retriever

  64. xotic maps

    xotic mapsПре месец

    I wnat a dog like tucker

  65. Penny Roberts

    Penny RobertsПре месец

    He is adorable...

  66. Suma AH

    Suma AHПре месец

    I love tucker... N I love the way kinda laughs too.... 😍


    MADNESS• CLIXПре месец

    Omg he awesome 👏🏻 I’m really enjoying everyday he is cute 🥰

  68. jaideep networks

    jaideep networksПре месец

    Tucker face is so cute tucker love linda so he know linda eont do like that

  69. Sanvi Shourya roll no 36

    Sanvi Shourya roll no 36Пре месец

    2:16 tucker you are looking handsome

  70. Rebecca Shields

    Rebecca ShieldsПре месец

    We all love you Tucker

  71. sherlyn Afonso

    sherlyn AfonsoПре месец

    This is how dogs would look with eyebrows😂😂🤣

  72. Fen Liem

    Fen LiemПре месец

    OMG...Linda loves to tease Tucker..but it's okay cause i know Linda loves Tucker so2 much...🤗✌️❤️

  73. Yes D

    Yes DПре месец

    He is looking old😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  74. فيديوهات تيك توك

    فيديوهات تيك توكПре месец

    اشتركو ب قناتي بلبييييييز😭

  75. The snow fox

    The snow foxПре месец

    This was cute and cool and awesome, keep up the awesome work.

  76. ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

    ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭Пре месец

    Tucker kinda look when he have eyebrows on Shin-chan

  77. Elina With a golden retriever dog

    Elina With a golden retriever dogПре месец

    Tucker is so cute 🍓

  78. Ella Valentine

    Ella ValentineПре месец

    He was not happy at the end 😂😂😂

  79. Vartika beauty

    Vartika beautyПре месец

    I feels the tikle tikles when Tucker liked linda


    OMG GAMING GIRLПре месец

    hekkin bush

  81. Tea Teić

    Tea TeićПре месец

    Tucker is realy cute wen he sad

  82. Jyothi Jyothi

    Jyothi JyothiПре месец

    Linda : how is my eyebrow 🤔🤔 Tucker : is that a eyebrow no that is a BUSH 🤣🤣🤣

  83. Shelley Rothermund

    Shelley RothermundПре месец

    He sed groomer

  84. Shelley Rothermund

    Shelley RothermundПре месец

    Tucker is handsome

  85. Krista Dudley

    Krista DudleyПре месец

    Love you tucker

  86. Leah-Rose Richardson

    Leah-Rose RichardsonПре месец

    I want a tucker....

  87. Judy Fisher

    Judy FisherПре месец

    You should pretended to be on the phone and say all tickets favorite thing in one sentence to see how he reacts

  88. Ben Angelo Gumapac

    Ben Angelo GumapacПре месец

    Does anyone notice theres a painting of tucker in the background?

  89. stocktradingsystems

    stocktradingsystemsПре месец

    Puts bushy eyebrows on Tucker... Tucker: "When did I become my grandfather?"

  90. Leo Faught

    Leo FaughtПре месец

    Tucker is dog

  91. Krystle

    KrystleПре месец

    😂Linda snickering at what she is doing had me dying because I too laugh at my doggos when I prank them 🤣❤️

  92. ###########

    ###########Пре месец

    That would look cute on Tucker-

  93. Avantika Narayan

    Avantika NarayanПре месец

    linda has a serious hearing problem.

  94. Hairy Skittles

    Hairy SkittlesПре месец

    👇🏻Like if you think tucker is the best

  95. Rakhee N.

    Rakhee N.Пре месец

    Tucker was soooooo small two years ago! My favourite video of him as a puppy was when he gets scared of a shampoo! And I think Tucker is cuter now ( To be honest puppy Tucker was cuter ) hehe

  96. M S ANJALY

    M S ANJALYПре месец

    Oh i love the doggy language😂😂

  97. Prajnashree Mohapatra

    Prajnashree MohapatraПре месец

    Can you do a prank on tuker the prank is your gonna cry and tuker will come and tell you why are you crying and in the end you will say him that it was a prank

  98. rachna popli shah

    rachna popli shahПре месец


  99. Preston Family98

    Preston Family98Пре месец

    You are lucky that no coyote got your dog

  100. Taneha Terry

    Taneha TerryПре месец

    We love you tucker😂💙

  101. Michelle Myat

    Michelle MyatПре месец

    Ngl Tucker looks like a grandpa with those brows!!!