My Puppy is Scared of Shampoo Bottle

My Puppy is Scared of Shampoo Bottle
Tucker's reactions are always priceless. Here was his very first encounter with a shampoo bottle.
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  1. Tucker Budzyn

    Tucker BudzynПре годину

    Hekkin shampoop catto. What are you guys afraid of?

  2. Zara Ahmetović

    Zara AhmetovićПре 13 дана


  3. Sunshine_D

    Sunshine_DПре 22 дана


  4. Ssia Arekar

    Ssia ArekarПре месец

    Escalorts that go down . 🐕

  5. Harper Terry

    Harper TerryПре месец

    I’m terified of spiders 🕷

  6. ij b

    ij bПре месец


  7. Nurulhuda Tarmiji

    Nurulhuda TarmijiПре 2 сата

    awww cute'

  8. Amber DeMoss

    Amber DeMossПре 18 сати

    Lol he’s so cute!!!!!

  9. Eleanor Graham

    Eleanor GrahamПре 2 дана

    Oh tucker you are just the cutest thing

  10. J Bolton

    J BoltonПре 2 дана

    I think it’s safe to say that Tucker is the cutest dog on Earth

  11. Francisca Liwanag

    Francisca LiwanagПре 2 дана

    Pantene doesn't have life pantene has 1Trillion life hahaha

  12. Kumari Santha Raveendran Nair

    Kumari Santha Raveendran NairПре 2 дана


  13. StudyOholic

    StudyOholicПре 3 дана

    Hekk ya big time shampoop , gibs Tucker a paw-ache🙈😂

  14. balenciaira

    balenciairaПре 4 дана

    my brother is scared if dark rooms

  15. Saranya Sawhney

    Saranya SawhneyПре 5 дана


  16. Dharshini Sankar Ganesh

    Dharshini Sankar GaneshПре 5 дана

    😂😂 ❤️ Luvly doggo

  17. thia okeke

    thia okekeПре 7 дана

    I want a tucker 🥺

  18. Geetha G Palandye

    Geetha G PalandyeПре 9 дана

    So cute

  19. Emission Cookies

    Emission CookiesПре 9 дана



    ANDY ANDRESПре 9 дана

    so freakin cute

  21. TV Indira

    TV IndiraПре 9 дана

    Sometimes I feel like tucker means those words . Who agrees ? Pls subscribe to my channel


    ANWITA AJAY NПре 12 дана


  23. Ashmi Saha

    Ashmi SahaПре 13 дана

    Your puppy is so cute I had I puppy but he died yesterday

  24. Crazy Pokemon_yt

    Crazy Pokemon_ytПре 13 дана

    Ia that tucker or pearl if its tucker he is so small

  25. Yuen F

    Yuen FПре 14 дана


  26. amna cheema

    amna cheemaПре 16 дана

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteee

  27. amna cheema

    amna cheemaПре 16 дана

    Tucker the puppy: Idetimfy urself shampoop catto Tucker the dog: hekk u Linda

  28. Lorax Gaming

    Lorax GamingПре 17 дана

    I am going to get a golden retriever!

  29. Jacky Castro

    Jacky CastroПре 18 дана

    am sowwy

  30. Layla Soliman

    Layla SolimanПре 18 дана

    Omg this is so cute and funny

  31. Calco and BanBans Awesome World

    Calco and BanBans Awesome WorldПре 19 дана

    Awwww 🥰

  32. Reginald Roberts

    Reginald RobertsПре 20 дана

    Ooo so fun

  33. Julian Agnero

    Julian AgneroПре 20 дана

    I am

  34. Viviana Black

    Viviana BlackПре 21 дан


  35. Julius James Cagalawan

    Julius James CagalawanПре 23 дана

    wait tucker knows among us😱😱

  36. Amara Weatherer

    Amara WeathererПре 23 дана

    Omg it's now 2021 and Tuck is like way bigger!

  37. Øcean Wølves

    Øcean WølvesПре 24 дана

    Who is attaching this in 2021? Me: Omg Tuck is so young and cute!!!! For Linda: How old was Tucker in this video and how old is he now?

  38. Love Thyself

    Love ThyselfПре 25 дана

    Who ever worked on Tucker's speech deserve a standing ovation 👏

  39. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine JonesПре 26 дана

    Aww I miss when he was lil

  40. anant patil

    anant patilПре 26 дана

    Tucker is so cute🙂

  41. Nabil Ashrar Pidim

    Nabil Ashrar PidimПре 28 дана

    July 2019 : I'm sowwy bottle February 2021 : HEKK YOU LINDA

  42. Lo Lizzle

    Lo LizzleПре 28 дана

    I dare you to make shampoop die 😜

  43. lulyia

    lulyiaПре 29 дана

    I feel like tucker is actually saying those things

  44. KrissyRose Animallover2021

    KrissyRose Animallover2021Пре 29 дана

    To those saying it’s not tucker it is it’s when he was a puppy and posted a year ago you all stupid to think it’s not him it’s Clearly him as a puppy 464 dislikes are you stupid people who thinks it’s not tucker when Cleary it is such a cutie he is

  45. Daddy XD

    Daddy XDПре месец

    Daddy likes it

  46. Heila Ortsac

    Heila OrtsacПре месец

    Tucker’s little but is so cute! 🥰😍❤️❤️

  47. Cammy's Reviews

    Cammy's ReviewsПре месец

    The shampoo meowed that's why he thinks it's a catto lol plus it called him a stupid doggo lol

  48. Ben Carpenter

    Ben CarpenterПре месец

    He was so smol 🥺

  49. Paulette Frazier

    Paulette FrazierПре месец

    Spiders Are What I'm scared of what are you guys

  50. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa KhanПре месец

    Shampoop 🤣

  51. Bloomingflxwers xx

    Bloomingflxwers xxПре месец

    Tucker’s going places for sure-

  52. sanoj vr

    sanoj vrПре месец

    Waching from 2021¿¿😄 like if u are 👇

  53. Josie Connelly

    Josie ConnellyПре месец

    Tucker is soo cute wen he was a baby

  54. Ultronhuman shorts

    Ultronhuman shortsПре месец


  55. Sunrise

    SunriseПре месец

    Whoever disliked ima be in your closet

  56. Ultronhuman shorts

    Ultronhuman shortsПре месец

    I wouldn’t dream of disliking

  57. The snow fox

    The snow foxПре месец

    This was awesome and cool, keep up the awesome work.

  58. Rhex Melmida

    Rhex MelmidaПре месец

    Your dog’s is so very cute 🥰

  59. Kiren Smith

    Kiren SmithПре месец


  60. غالية

    غاليةПре месец

    Is it young tucker? 😅💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍

  61. amritha surendranath

    amritha surendranathПре месец

    He is so cute

  62. Hannah Estrosa

    Hannah EstrosaПре месец

    Little tucker

  63. Fen Liem

    Fen LiemПре месец

    Funny little boy..but adorable at the same time...🤗😍✌️🐶

  64. Sanskar Mehra

    Sanskar MehraПре месец

    Where is big tucker

  65. Maddie Goodwin

    Maddie GoodwinПре месец

    Your so cute buddy! 🥰😍😘🤪😜

  66. XxunicfruitxX

    XxunicfruitxXПре месец

    I know how he feels I’m scared of shampoo to it’s scary 😧

  67. Tejas Ghosh

    Tejas GhoshПре месец

    I watched tucker when he is fully grown up and that time is now

  68. FNCS quix

    FNCS quixПре месец

    I’m a eval doggo

  69. LostFurry Gamer

    LostFurry GamerПре месец

    Tucker: Scared Of Shampoop Me: Scared of cooch rooch.

  70. Xané Erasmus

    Xané ErasmusПре месец

    I couldn't believe its him

  71. Adam Bashir

    Adam BashirПре месец

    Shampoo was the imposter

  72. Abraham Zedingil

    Abraham ZedingilПре месец


  73. Cool Ash

    Cool AshПре месец

    Oh can someone dislike this video?tucker is soooooo damn freaking cuteeeeeee😍😍😍the people who disliked this video are truly heartless💔💔💔

  74. Alice & Lucy Roblox

    Alice & Lucy RobloxПре месец

    Is this... BABY TUCKER?!

  75. Jazzatic2011

    Jazzatic2011Пре месец

    I just have a hard time believing he was a puppy only a year or two ago... It’s like I only know that Tucker is big.

  76. Cally Poirier

    Cally PoirierПре месец

    linda: it's just shampoo tucker: NO, not shampoop me: 😂🤣😍

  77. Nishanthi Adikaramge

    Nishanthi AdikaramgeПре месец

    Oh so cute I'm a big fan of tucker buzyn and I'm one of the first subscribers of tucker budyn 😊

  78. KittyCorns

    KittyCornsПре месец

    Lol that's like my dog

  79. jacquelyn lopena

    jacquelyn lopenaПре месец

    I wish i had a dog like that

  80. Mariam Aziz

    Mariam AzizПре месец

    So cute adoribal hilarious 🤣😅😂

  81. Alicia Rizo

    Alicia RizoПре месец

    I love your dog 🐕 she is so cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  82. Ishita Dasgupta

    Ishita DasguptaПре месец

    O my god little tucker 😍😍😍

  83. Katelyn Nammour

    Katelyn NammourПре месец

    Tucker is so so so so cute! I wish I had a golden retriever puppy😥😥😥😣😣😣

  84. Edie Robinson

    Edie RobinsonПре месец

    0:57 and 0:58 he be laying so cute

  85. Naomi's toy collection.

    Naomi's toy collection.Пре месец

    omg I love dogs i just want to hug you tucker😍🥰😚🤩😘😘😘😘😘🥰😍🤩😍😘🥰🤩😍😍😂🤣😅😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘🥰 i love you so much i wish i had a dog but i have a rabit

  86. Gorgeous puppy Gucci

    Gorgeous puppy GucciПре месец

    Hidden stick - RSfire

  87. Terry Horrell

    Terry HorrellПре месец

    Im watching in 2021

  88. Sau Hoang

    Sau HoangПре месец

    omg Tucker is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  89. Golden Spring

    Golden SpringПре месец


  90. Smita Singh

    Smita SinghПре месец


  91. Khadish khan

    Khadish khanПре 2 месеца

    he is sooo cutu my baby

  92. Mamatha Madhwa

    Mamatha MadhwaПре 2 месеца

    The way he was flat in the bath tub

  93. Lifely Lily

    Lifely LilyПре 2 месеца

    Linda: it’s just a shampoo Tucker: shutuuupp it’s a catto Me: omg the dog is so smart than me *sniff sniff*

  94. PxinkRblx

    PxinkRblxПре 2 месеца

    He is soo cute

  95. Yogesh K

    Yogesh KПре 2 месеца

    Tucker is so cute when he was small and handsome hey Linda you are so lucky to have a pup like that I love tucker 😘😘😘💐😍

  96. MTTK Journals

    MTTK JournalsПре 2 месеца

    I want a reply from you Tucker 😊✨❤ helno fren!!!

  97. Sofia Graniello

    Sofia GranielloПре 2 месеца

    He barks pretty loud for a puppy. 😆😏


    PINKI BAJAJПре 2 месеца

    He’s so cute I wanna hug him so bad I would die for him

  99. ꧁Mohit꧂

    ꧁Mohit꧂Пре 2 месеца

    Tucker: there is 1 imposter among us Shampoo: i am imposter Shampoo: i am immortal ;) Tucker: emergency meeting Tucker: shampoo is imposter Evry1: ok Shampoo was an imposter Shampoo: i am back ;) Evry1: huh 😨😨😱😱 Evry1: vote again ☝️ Tucker: ok Shampoo: i am immortal Evry1: [Shocked] huh

  100. AZWCS

    AZWCSПре 2 месеца

    Tucker then: I sowry no i didnt mean to kill him! tucker now: DI SHAPOO BOOTEL

  101. Blake Hinchon

    Blake HinchonПре 2 месеца

    Tucker is one of the funniest dogs I’ve ever seen ps cute

  102. Ameliya Hayden

    Ameliya HaydenПре 2 месеца

    I'm confused like... She got any puppy translator or something? I mean it's scary how accurately she understands what he is saying

  103. I love God

    I love GodПре 2 месеца

    Jesus loves everyone

  104. Immi YT

    Immi YTПре 2 месеца

    plot twist: Tucker actually edits what hes saying not linda! (p.s. this is not my idea someone else wrote that so pls dont shout at me for copying, all credits go to that person)

  105. Kalpana N

    Kalpana NПре 2 месеца

    Momo it is not something to eat if you want to see his face you have to time momo poper

  106. cvwitham

    cvwithamПре 2 месеца

    It is ok Tucker Budzyn because I am still afraid of the basement

  107. Pigsterz

    PigsterzПре 2 месеца

    My dog was once afraid of a bag 🤣