Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak

Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Tara Singh Sandhu

    Tara Singh SandhuПре 18 минута

    These are the people who would die fr Tucker’s sense of humour. V

  2. Black Senpaii

    Black SenpaiiПре 42 минута

    What type dog is he?

  3. marzipan

    marzipanПре 42 минута

    And golden labrodore bro

  4. marzipan

    marzipanПре 42 минута


  5. marzipan

    marzipanПре 42 минута


  6. Hacker Sponge

    Hacker SpongeПре сат

    valaki magyar?

  7. Jenefer Ombao

    Jenefer OmbaoПре 2 сата

    Tuke will not eat the stake becuse linda is is still popin in tolit and tuker is the good boi

  8. Dereon's Music vlogs

    Dereon's Music vlogsПре 2 сата

    There is a dog translation app. You should try it on Tucker.

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    Iconic EditzПре 3 сата

    𝗧𝗯𝗵 𝗜’𝗺 𝗵𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗿𝘆 𝗿𝗻 𝗮𝗳𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀...

  10. Narayan Swamy Chandu sanju

    Narayan Swamy Chandu sanjuПре 3 сата

    We can't wait for ur next vedio

  11. Jerry Wilson

    Jerry WilsonПре 4 сата

    Make more videos with tucker because there always so good

  12. vinod vinu

    vinod vinuПре 4 сата

    Hy Linda what's your insta I'd just love u girl 😍😘

  13. Citex22

    Citex22Пре 4 сата

    I WANT STAKE >:(

  14. Citex22

    Citex22Пре 5 сати


  15. Citex22

    Citex22Пре 5 сати


  16. Citex22

    Citex22Пре 5 сати


  17. ظɔɟəğüüöغ غɛt̪ɾd̪mn̪nɲŋت

    ظɔɟəğüüöغ غɛt̪ɾd̪mn̪nɲŋتПре 5 сати

    Pin plz

  18. AllAbout AviationAndCars

    AllAbout AviationAndCarsПре 6 сати

    Its cool cuz u guys live in Michigan just like me I live in Michigan

  19. Zubair Khan

    Zubair KhanПре 7 сати

    This is me when I have steak

  20. Bao and Pix

    Bao and PixПре 8 сати

    That steak looks so good! Also made my dogs a steak dish ^^ Love you Tucker! Thank you for the vibez~

  21. Amy Harthausen

    Amy HarthausenПре 9 сати

    I accualy named my golden retriever after tucker now there is two

  22. Howard Lake

    Howard LakeПре 9 сати

    I can remember as a child, my Labrador's face from the garden. 'Why am I here?' She ate a whole joint of beef with the string. Wolfed it down in seconds 😂

  23. Maisy Liddiard

    Maisy LiddiardПре 11 сати

    Fun fact : your not watching this on full screen!

  24. Brooklyn Lol

    Brooklyn LolПре 11 сати

    My dog always knows when it’s my dinner time so whenever it is my dog Sits on my feet and gives me puppy eyes and if I don’t give her food she will start to whine aNd iT mAkE mE fEeL sO guiLtY

  25. Brooklyn Lol

    Brooklyn LolПре 11 сати

    I once left my dog with Runny egg and I wanted to see if she would eat it or not so I left the room and when i I came back the egg was gone and my dog had Egg yolk all over her mouth and then she pretended that she had did nothing.

  26. Fluffy Hamster

    Fluffy HamsterПре 11 сати

    Pure Evil...

  27. The Seeker

    The SeekerПре 13 сати

    Bowties are cool

  28. Preppy Roleplays

    Preppy RoleplaysПре 13 сати

    I’m going to ask my Mom if I can get some Tucker merch🥺

  29. Neil White

    Neil WhiteПре 13 сати


  30. Dick Reads

    Dick ReadsПре 13 сати

    This is sick. You have to be deranged to do this and think it's funny and for sharing. I hope that dog gets revenge.

  31. Savannah Singleton-Mcpherson

    Savannah Singleton-McphersonПре 7 сати

    Thus was just a test. She feeds him regularly. Chill.

  32. ChristinaAnn530

    ChristinaAnn530Пре 13 сати

    The heck you Linda Merch is a little bit harsh to people named Linda don’t you think?

  33. MaztaPan

    MaztaPanПре 13 сати


  34. Gianluca Giorgi

    Gianluca GiorgiПре 14 сати


  35. PakodaPosiedon

    PakodaPosiedonПре 15 сати

    I love Tucker's English !! 😜 Btw he is too handsome with that tie !!

  36. Strawberry Plays

    Strawberry PlaysПре 15 сати

    Omg your face. Is so beautiful even your voice🥰

  37. jeremiah sawvel

    jeremiah sawvelПре 15 сати

    Hey Linda and tucket I just found your channal now im addicted its so cute

  38. holly schneider

    holly schneiderПре 15 сати


  39. holly schneider

    holly schneiderПре 15 сати

    When she had her to take a shit

  40. holly schneider

    holly schneiderПре 15 сати

    Why did Lendl have to go poop or take a turd

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    •Béłłå The d0g /Ava’s dogПре 15 сати

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  42. •Béłłå The d0g /Ava’s dog

    •Béłłå The d0g /Ava’s dogПре 15 сати

    *Bork* *(Hi)* :•3

  43. Anushka Srivastava

    Anushka SrivastavaПре 15 сати

    Good boi TUCKER 🐶

  44. zotteke1991

    zotteke1991Пре 16 сати

    Well raw meat will have that effect. Only in Murica

  45. 1M9LL

    1M9LLПре 16 сати

    Who else is waiting for tucker to upload again

  46. Red Robin

    Red RobinПре 17 сати

    Tucker is SUCH a good boi! All those comments were hilarious!

  47. Shatakshi Pandey

    Shatakshi PandeyПре 17 сати

    When will the next video is coming ☹️☹️

  48. Evans Boys

    Evans BoysПре 18 сати

    Who said girls can't grill

  49. Raj Thapa

    Raj ThapaПре 18 сати

    Wen wel be lenda baby

  50. BlazingSunsetUwU

    BlazingSunsetUwUПре 18 сати


  51. Christopher Casey

    Christopher CaseyПре 18 сати

    You two are so good together.

  52. Nathan Medved

    Nathan MedvedПре 18 сати

    Fun Fact: Tucker Said God Because Dog Backwards Is God

  53. Ex_ace

    Ex_aceПре 19 сати

    U trying to make us hungry Linda

  54. Sumana Chatterji

    Sumana ChatterjiПре 20 сати

    Tucker! You are such a Gooooodddd Boiiiiiii!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Ethan Ray Bradimore

    Ethan Ray BradimoreПре 20 сати

    Why dog would eat it when I was there

  56. Ignatios Nelson

    Ignatios NelsonПре 21 сат

    Animal cruelty, that’s what this is. Nothing more. Nothing less. This evil old woman is torturing a perfectly decent hound and it won’t do. Get rid of the old bat, Tucker! And that lousy son of hers that’s always hanging around in the background... You gotta bites, for your rights, to steak it up!

  57. Savannah Singleton-Mcpherson

    Savannah Singleton-McphersonПре 7 сати

    It was a test. She feeds Tucker regularly and treats him well.

  58. Ignatios Nelson

    Ignatios NelsonПре 21 сат

    Tuck whose buds in? Why does she need her buds tucking in anyway? This crazy old lady ought to be outlawed from naming any further animals. Especially if she is the one to blame for ‘Journey’ (awful name for anything that’s not a long trip away somewhere) and I can’t remember the other because my brain has ejected that knowledge as a hazardous material, it was equally as foul as the others.

  59. Savannah Singleton-Mcpherson

    Savannah Singleton-McphersonПре 7 сати

    People have the right to name dogs whatever they want-

  60. Princess_Paegan

    Princess_PaeganПре 21 сат

    Usually when I find something funny online I usually either giggle quietly or grin but when Tucker said "Daz Nasty" I gasped and cackled like a maniac cause it was hilarious

  61. Nandini Manjunath

    Nandini ManjunathПре 22 сата

    Cruel feed the dog please

  62. Madi_ Melon

    Madi_ MelonПре 17 сати

    Actually this is a test, training your dog so they can be responsible enough. I have a dog and had to train them to be trustworthy . Maybe educate yourself enough. Tucker is well fed and nourished .

  63. LucxsViibez

    LucxsViibezПре дан

    Tbh if I was tucker I would just eat it before she leaves.

  64. Amelia Wilkinson

    Amelia WilkinsonПре дан

    Hi Linda and tucker I don't know what is going on In your life but I just wanna ask could u post a new video pls

  65. bouyem balboa

    bouyem balboaПре дан

    The cooked steak made me so hungry

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    Kalpana GaliyanПре дан

    All the vegans right now 😬😬

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    ShadowDrifter546Пре дан

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    sakik fanПре дан

    I downloaded tucker app!

  69. THE DEO

    THE DEOПре дан

    Hello!!!! I watched tucker's earlier vids and I gotta say, 50% LOVE FOR TUCKER AND 50% FOR YOUR EDITS, XD. I loved the SWIMMING VID!!!

  70. DeadBadBunnyUwU

    DeadBadBunnyUwUПре дан

    Daz nasty

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    It's MeПре дан

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    Michelle JПре дан

    The steak on the plate would be gone before it even touches the table. ACD's do not play when it comes to BEEF 😛😝

  79. Declan Davis

    Declan DavisПре дан

    Tucker gets half a steak Me doesn’t get half a chip Lol😄🤣

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    nutellaПре дан

    Tucker is literally my dream dog he is so adorable and cute ❤️❤️

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    Brianna PanesiПре дан

    My dog is a bad girl but Tucker in the other hand he’s a good boy

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    Alex RoseПре дан

    OMG soo cute!

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    Juana OlivoПре дан


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    TacoAtPlayПре дан

    Hekkin Linda ! gibs him entire steak naw!

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    Micheal AftonПре дан

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    Avia220Пре дан

    o no i hopes you don make a wildfire

  87. DONALD Duck

    DONALD DuckПре дан

    Wait saying oh my dog instead of my god is only spelled backwards. There's 3 letters in God and dog 2 different words. 3 plus 3 equals 6. 666. That dog is Satan

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    Mariaca ConbonniПре дан

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    Rudolf SijtsmaПре дан

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    ToastPandaPlaysПре дан

    Can we just take a second to realize how good that steak actually looks, I don’t blame tucker for wanting it.

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    Rafty HoqueПре дан

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  94. Milla Lynch-Robinson

    Milla Lynch-RobinsonПре дан

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    Can I get 1k without videos?Пре дан

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