My Dog Has a Puppy Sleepover | Part 1

My Dog Has a Puppy Sleepover | Part 1
We had Tucker's new puppy friend Pearl over for the weekend and they had more fun than you can imagine!
What was your favorite part?
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  1. THE DEO

    THE DEOПре сат

    Music!!! I need to know what music you used???

  2. Veronica Bigelow

    Veronica BigelowПре 2 сата

    I love Tucker and Pearl.....💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. yanny garcia

    yanny garciaПре 5 сати


  4. Irish Mae Garzon

    Irish Mae GarzonПре 7 сати

    I always want a golden retriever i dont have one but tucker makes me happy

  5. Thicci Potato

    Thicci PotatoПре 7 сати

    Pearl now is all big and grown up

  6. Udayakumar Pandurangan

    Udayakumar PanduranganПре 11 сати

    My doge humps TT

  7. Caiden Rainer

    Caiden RainerПре 11 сати

    10M views are coming💖💖💖💖

  8. Olga Meier

    Olga MeierПре 12 сати


  9. peter koch

    peter kochПре 13 сати

    0:26 good roast tucker

  10. EliteGravyGamerJJR

    EliteGravyGamerJJRПре 14 сати

    Tucker was attacked by pit bull

  11. HomeGrown

    HomeGrownПре 15 сати

    I think tuckers nick name should be Mr.Mlem :D

  12. Natalie's Castle Playtime

    Natalie's Castle PlaytimeПре 15 сати

    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Natalie's Castle Playtime

    Natalie's Castle PlaytimeПре 15 сати

    That is not what my dog does

  14. Lil Blake

    Lil BlakeПре 16 сати

    tucker is just like my dog sky she can stay in bed all day long lol

  15. Michelle Featherstonhaugh

    Michelle FeatherstonhaughПре 17 сати

    Life of a women:

  16. King D.

    King D.Пре 21 сат

    What breed of dog is Tucker?

  17. My name isn’t your business

    My name isn’t your businessПре дан

    If my big brother and I were dogs this would be us 😌

  18. Dante Mercurio

    Dante MercurioПре дан

    Pearl a lion

  19. Isabella Donnery

    Isabella DonneryПре дан


  20. Nycole Lomas

    Nycole LomasПре дан

    That ai funny she hunts tucker. She is like a wolf but the cute fail.

  21. Donna Raper

    Donna RaperПре дан

    tucker is talking?!?!?!?!

  22. Myla M

    Myla MПре дан

    This is awesome😀



    You adopted a Pearl?

  24. Jasmine Taylor

    Jasmine TaylorПре дан

    I like the cute puppy dogs

  25. Kenzley K

    Kenzley KПре дан

    She is so cute ☺️

  26. yeet.mp4

    yeet.mp4Пре дан

    What dog breed is pearl?

  27. Madison Melchor

    Madison MelchorПре дан


  28. Referral Acc

    Referral AccПре дан

    All these are fine but what i wanna is this Linda H. from apple ?

  29. Cryptic plus

    Cryptic plusПре дан

    Ngl but Tucker is a manly looking doggo

  30. Texaz Ahlbin

    Texaz AhlbinПре дан

    4:38 would have been fun if he said doggo nugg after tucker said im doggo

  31. Sunflower Plays

    Sunflower PlaysПре дан

    0:54 2016 and 2017:what are those 2020 and 2021:its called fashion sense loves BTW the dogs r really cute.

  32. E MAN 9000

    E MAN 9000Пре 2 дана


  33. Jake thepro7890

    Jake thepro7890Пре 2 дана

    my dogs name is pearl

  34. Kadies Life

    Kadies LifeПре 2 дана

    My favourite part is pearl: you looks tasty like chicken Nuggs Tucker: am doggo

  35. Kadies Life

    Kadies LifeПре 2 дана

    My favourite part was pearl> you looks tasty like chicken Nuggs tucker: am doggo

  36. Andrew kawapit

    Andrew kawapitПре 2 дана


  37. Itz-Omee

    Itz-OmeeПре 2 дана

    4:49 I’m eating dinner

  38. Kristie Sullivan

    Kristie SullivanПре 2 дана

    When ever Tucker barks, my dog starts and it laugh the crap out of me

  39. Splatoon kid

    Splatoon kidПре 2 дана

    4:03 tucker stop its cute

  40. Estella Gudaityte

    Estella GudaityteПре 2 дана


  41. Colin Francois

    Colin FrancoisПре 2 дана

    Bruh my cats just watch this video, THIS VIDEO Idk why maybe they just like dogs or somtin

  42. Harley Karmine

    Harley KarmineПре 2 дана

    Ok I’m just leaving here about a little later I

  43. Ava Anthony

    Ava AnthonyПре 2 дана

    You should do another sleepover

  44. Isabella Guanco

    Isabella GuancoПре 2 дана

    cool dog

  45. Safiya Zahra

    Safiya ZahraПре 3 дана

    He is so handsome 😍

  46. Good Boy Nash

    Good Boy NashПре 3 дана

    I want a sleepover with you, Tucker!

  47. Warren Sellers

    Warren SellersПре 3 дана

    All dogs are acute. ba dom ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  48. Cute Earth

    Cute EarthПре 3 дана

    Did u drop da camera when u went down da stairs?

  49. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob JohnsonПре 3 дана

    They are cute like my puppies

  50. Ajani Anglin

    Ajani AnglinПре 3 дана


  51. Gaz Chimera

    Gaz ChimeraПре 3 дана

    The wasteful pentagon immunologically release because postbox prenatally rock aside a watery good-bye. devilish, violet dredger

  52. Vero Ibarra

    Vero IbarraПре 3 дана

  53. Bakhshish Singh

    Bakhshish SinghПре 3 дана

    That climax 🤣🤣🤣

  54. The Fire Banana

    The Fire BananaПре 3 дана

    0:51 when you don’t want to record anymore so you decide to throw you camara down the stairs 😂

  55. Rhonda Mechir

    Rhonda MechirПре 3 дана

    Can you please make a part 3

  56. Wac Widad

    Wac WidadПре 3 дана

    I love dogs

  57. Brenna Mulleady

    Brenna MulleadyПре 3 дана

    I call mg dog chimkin 🥺

  58. Sarah Still

    Sarah StillПре 3 дана

    I love how she edits the video so its like the dogs are talking to ecover lol

  59. jerecko molina

    jerecko molinaПре 4 дана

    4:37 pearl looks hungry to run tun tu run tun tu run tun tu run tun pawa pawa pawa pawa lol

  60. Mtc -4D56

    Mtc -4D56Пре 4 дана

    who's back here after seeing Pearl again?

  61. gosartde

    gosartdeПре 4 дана

    Pearl: do you have any chicken nugget? Human human:…

  62. gosartde

    gosartdeПре 4 дана

    Person: tried to get it Pearl: mine now

  63. gosartde

    gosartdeПре 4 дана

    I didn’t mean to click on another video

  64. gosartde

    gosartdeПре 4 дана

    The person: is your big day dog dog: no no!!!

  65. Nena's World

    Nena's WorldПре 4 дана

    The puppy is to cute to be honest tucker is so cute tho he is like me kinda but I’m just a girl :)

  66. jaxon thebest2

    jaxon thebest2Пре 4 дана

    The puppy is cute but not tucker

  67. Snooze

    SnoozeПре 4 дана

    4:29 this was hilarious. Pearl was like a cat. GO, GIRL! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

  68. Daydreamer0069

    Daydreamer0069Пре 4 дана

    My fave part is where pearl says chimkin nugs don't has ears 😂

  69. ZwillZ

    ZwillZПре 4 дана

    This is my life I am really Tucker

  70. Melissa Bailey

    Melissa BaileyПре 4 дана


  71. niti ishan

    niti ishanПре 4 дана

    Linda:he’s gonna put you back in your place ya little stink! Pearl: me not drink you *BIG* stink! Top 10 amazing comebacks

  72. Alfonso Madariaga

    Alfonso MadariagaПре 4 дана

    i love when puppy play it makes me i wanna Cry & be Happy :3

  73. Naap44

    Naap44Пре 4 дана

    I just came from tucker's Instagram stories..and pearl is such a big girl...wuv you all😃😃❤❤

  74. Peachyy.

    Peachyy.Пре 4 дана


  75. Johana G. Ksobiech

    Johana G. KsobiechПре 4 дана

    I also have a golden like Tucker

  76. Johana G. Ksobiech

    Johana G. KsobiechПре 4 дана

    TUCKER IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Godzilla Pc

    Godzilla PcПре 4 дана

    1:51 please edit the word nuggets to something else its kinda rasict ..


    BHAVIKA SONIПре 4 дана

    part 3 coming soon

  79. rakshana s

    rakshana sПре 4 дана

    4:33 LOLL

  80. Pixelgun Winner

    Pixelgun WinnerПре 4 дана

    4:59 Bruh he just came out of the darkness like a legit villain xd that was sick 👌

  81. Daniel Oliva

    Daniel OlivaПре 4 дана

    And I’m using my dads account

  82. Daniel Oliva

    Daniel OlivaПре 4 дана

    And I live in Ecuador

  83. Daniel Oliva

    Daniel OlivaПре 4 дана

    I subscribe and liked it

  84. Given Grace Garcia

    Given Grace GarciaПре 4 дана

    Pearls so cutie precious

  85. Coco Coco

    Coco CocoПре 4 дана

    Tucker I’ve never seen a cuter dog than you like how can you not risit tuckers cuteness wub ya tucker:)

  86. Carmel Herskovitz

    Carmel HerskovitzПре 4 дана

    Linda:walks into the room Tuker: I’m up I’m up!

  87. Carmel Herskovitz

    Carmel HerskovitzПре 4 дана

    Peril is actually really cute🐶 dogs are my favorite animal🤍💙

  88. CN5 Kadienne Euna Arrogante

    CN5 Kadienne Euna ArroganteПре 5 дана

    I'm a big fan 💗

  89. SkylarShadowGuy

    SkylarShadowGuyПре 5 дана

    Chimken Nuggers

  90. Emily Roberts Fitness

    Emily Roberts FitnessПре 5 дана

    Tuckers cute but pearls funny

  91. Лабрадор Молли и Я

    Лабрадор Молли и ЯПре 5 дана

    He laughed))) I also think my dog should invite a friend. I wonder what will happen.

  92. Kabeer Jetly

    Kabeer JetlyПре 5 дана

    Whoa tucher stop eating pearl

  93. Kabeer Jetly

    Kabeer JetlyПре 5 дана

    Is pearl tucker,s baby

  94. Sctumanan

    SctumananПре 5 дана


  95. HJ - 02AA 893748 Lancaster PS

    HJ - 02AA 893748 Lancaster PSПре 5 дана

    Linda why is germ Tucker's wife

  96. Me totally not a Mha Fan Totally

    Me totally not a Mha Fan TotallyПре 5 дана

    I wish to have a dog like that.. :(

  97. Dana Grace

    Dana GraceПре 5 дана

    PEARL: ima eats u TUCKER: u a puppies

  98. Alisha Rauch

    Alisha RauchПре 5 дана


  99. Alison Mayo

    Alison MayoПре 5 дана

    I also have a golden retriever they are so beautiful and cuteee 😍😍😍😍😍

  100. John Nardone

    John NardoneПре 5 дана


  101. John Nardone

    John NardoneПре 5 дана