My Dog Goes Swimming with the Ladies

My Dog Goes Swimming with the Ladies
It was a super warm day and Tucker was really bored so we surprised him by taking him swimming with his wife and lady friend. He would stay in the pool all day if he could!
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Carl Yeend

    Carl YeendПре 15 сати

    I love golden retrievers

  2. Happy Mokhothu

    Happy MokhothuПре 2 дана

    How old is tucker

  3. mou bose

    mou boseПре 4 дана

    Tucker is soo cute ☺️☺️

  4. Ali Naqvi

    Ali NaqviПре 4 дана

    Speed this up so funny

  5. Billy Kirby-Carter

    Billy Kirby-CarterПре 4 дана


  6. Larissa Graham

    Larissa GrahamПре 6 дана

    Tucker : i am getting old👴🐶 Linda: 😂😂😂

  7. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaПре 6 дана

    0:26 insert possible jojo reference

  8. Anna Klocke

    Anna KlockeПре 6 дана

    What kind of dog is tucker?

  9. Anna Klocke

    Anna KlockeПре 6 дана

    Tucker is so cute 🥰

  10. Fabian khan

    Fabian khanПре 6 дана

    All dogs cats get old but they are still small for us 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  11. Niño Regis

    Niño RegisПре 7 дана

    Funny Linda and Tucker

  12. Kareem Edwards

    Kareem EdwardsПре 7 дана

    Tucker got da ladiesss

  13. Galaxy_God

    Galaxy_GodПре 8 дана


  14. Makayla Williams

    Makayla WilliamsПре 8 дана

    me when the water seems deep: ... hek no

  15. YoLunar

    YoLunarПре 8 дана

    how does a dog get more ladies than me lol

  16. Andrew Wright

    Andrew WrightПре 10 дана

    WHY THE FLIPPIN HEKKIN PEANUT BUTTER WOULD A FLIPPIN HOOMAN DISLIKE DIS VID Unless ur a catto... but still. (No hate to cats! I literally have a cat)

  17. Capri Gamer

    Capri GamerПре 10 дана

    2:23 henlo fren

  18. Capri Gamer

    Capri GamerПре 10 дана

    Why is the toy an eggplant?

  19. Alex Spurrier

    Alex SpurrierПре 10 дана

    So funny

  20. Noahjr 0234

    Noahjr 0234Пре 10 дана

    I love journeeeeeeeeee so oooooooo mmmmuuuuucccchhh

  21. Nky Nel

    Nky NelПре 11 дана

    IM a dog and I love you channil

  22. Puppy Love

    Puppy LoveПре 11 дана

    Tucker with the girls

  23. Dieu Tran

    Dieu TranПре 12 дана

    He good boy

  24. Kristen Sekulski

    Kristen SekulskiПре 12 дана

    Lol I am getting old I love that part

  25. Caylean Ramirez

    Caylean RamirezПре 12 дана

    Tucker's a ladies man😘 lol

  26. Millie’s Timeline

    Millie’s TimelineПре 13 дана

    Is it to late to say I love tucker he’s so funny “THE TREE OF DOOM”

  27. Jax Ayala

    Jax AyalaПре 13 дана

    Where’s is his wife

  28. SiimplyTxlia

    SiimplyTxliaПре 13 дана

    how do you know if you brought tucker with you and not the wrong dog?

  29. radha drolia

    radha droliaПре 14 дана

    Journeys long jumps she should run for dogged Olympics and tucker for hump olympics😋🤣

  30. The EVIL E'

    The EVIL E'Пре 15 дана

    Y is he always trying to get puppies?

  31. jacjie jackied7260

    jacjie jackied7260Пре 15 дана

    Only the real ones know who’s tucker when their wet. I guess I’m not a real one

  32. Patricia Jones

    Patricia JonesПре 15 дана

    This literally made me keep smiling 😃

  33. duck playz squad - animations -

    duck playz squad - animations -Пре 16 дана

    When a dog gets more girlfriends than you

  34. shasubra

    shasubraПре 16 дана

    Tucker what he saying in his head:I am going swimming with my friend I’m going swimming with my friend yay

  35. Phantom Hawk8276

    Phantom Hawk8276Пре 17 дана

    Tucker is a ladies man

  36. TheKingGaming

    TheKingGamingПре 17 дана

    Weird question:when are you breeding tucker or never?

  37. Victoria Orozco Mendez

    Victoria Orozco MendezПре 17 дана

    linda you are hekin mean4

  38. Saturn Skies

    Saturn SkiesПре 17 дана

    When they were wet I couldn’t figure out which one is Tucker

  39. DaPyxel

    DaPyxelПре 17 дана

    What breed is tucker?

  40. Damon_ Elena editz

    Damon_ Elena editzПре 18 дана

    Idk which one is journee bc posie and journee look Alike

  41. Damon_ Elena editz

    Damon_ Elena editzПре 18 дана

    ELLO TUCker Tucker : helNlo fren

  42. Miguel Ayon

    Miguel AyonПре 19 дана

    tucker is so cute

  43. Avery Gilliam

    Avery GilliamПре 19 дана

    Wheb this video shows up in ur recommendations 1 year later lol

  44. Junior Maya

    Junior MayaПре 21 дан

    👀tucker wanted a little quickie !!



    He get treated like a kid aka pre teen kid



    Tucker is like a pre-teen

  47. Zackary Madlangbayan

    Zackary MadlangbayanПре 21 дан


  48. Bunny squad シ

    Bunny squad シПре 21 дан

    Tucker: Putting head out of window Cat: What are you doing!? Tucker: Havin a better liv tham u Cat: YOU are MEAN Tucker: u drem anm I wiv it

  49. Amara Weatherer

    Amara WeathererПре 22 дана

    It's like Journee has launchers in her paws!How does she leap that far?!

  50. ChillBoy

    ChillBoyПре 23 дана

    My jack Russel can’t swim but if we take here down the rivers she just jumps in anyway

  51. Julius James Cagalawan

    Julius James CagalawanПре 23 дана

    make a vidoe of tucker looking at all the comments pls😗

  52. Michael Netz

    Michael NetzПре 23 дана

    I just got a new puppy and he's going to get bigger than cute tucker, you just can't stand the puppy eyes.


    ANDY ANDRESПре 24 дана


  54. Charlie has0 Talent

    Charlie has0 TalentПре 24 дана


  55. Venus Velasco

    Venus VelascoПре 25 дана


  56. Burger Boss

    Burger BossПре 26 дана

    Every 40+ year olds profile pic on face book be like: 0:00

  57. Hana Farah

    Hana FarahПре 26 дана

    I love queen Journey

  58. JF Prod. musics

    JF Prod. musicsПре 26 дана

    0:58 me when a girl's leg accidentally touches my leg

  59. Xyesl

    XyeslПре 26 дана

    Imagine taking the wrong dog home

  60. Dulnith Ekanayake

    Dulnith EkanayakeПре 27 дана

    2:09 the love of husband and wife

  61. Brendan Welch

    Brendan WelchПре 28 дана

    Tucker is such a handsome doggo

  62. Sniper YT

    Sniper YTПре 28 дана

    Me: waits 25 minutes for the video to load thinking it’s a waist.. Also me: (finally watches video) Also me: ooop....😹

  63. Sniper YT

    Sniper YTПре 28 дана

    The 626 dislikes are from jelous dogs who stole their owners phones and bopped the dislike button with their nose.

  64. Angelic Angel

    Angelic AngelПре 29 дана

    Where’s tuckers wife

  65. Noahjr 0234

    Noahjr 0234Пре 29 дана

    2:10 life goals

  66. zaheema junaid

    zaheema junaidПре месец

    Journee: your butt stinks Tucker: excuse me ? Journeee: goes in pool Tucker: YA NOT GETTIN OUT Journe: HELP Tucker: gives floaties

  67. tufa

    tufaПре месец

    I badly need a dog and wanna spend time like this

  68. Grace Kennedy

    Grace KennedyПре месец

    Baby tucker: Hi mommy! Tucker now: HEKK U LINDA!

  69. Shayne Still

    Shayne StillПре месец

    The dogs r soooooo cute!!!!!!!!❣️

  70. Isabella G

    Isabella GПре месец


  71. Colette Guidry

    Colette GuidryПре месец

    I jumps I runs *and I humps*

  72. Jessica O’Neil

    Jessica O’NeilПре месец

    I need to be Tucker.

  73. Amy Halberstadt

    Amy HalberstadtПре месец

    Love you tucker so much love this is Masen. Neubauer

  74. Nixole_Angel

    Nixole_AngelПре месец

    Me:I have no dogs or dog I want a lil puppy-

  75. howtostart

    howtostartПре месец

    Me watching dog videos, owing a cat.

  76. MEE CHAW

    MEE CHAWПре месец

    pls do a new video I diont see your new video :(

  77. roblox masterjtt

    roblox masterjttПре месец

    I jumps i runs but most importantly I humps. Tucker budzyn 2020.

  78. Hannah Kendall

    Hannah KendallПре месец

    if they r not fixed they should have puppies

  79. Trish D

    Trish DПре месец

    1:12 he had anxiety tucker was scared I think

  80. Awesomepranap789

    Awesomepranap789Пре месец

    3:20 nice plants

  81. CorgiGirl

    CorgiGirlПре месец

    I jump’s I hump’s I lump’s creator made: gorgeos doggos

  82. mazanique Atkinson

    mazanique AtkinsonПре месец

    I think I watch ever single one there the best I love tucker he is funny and lovely give this tonhim for me

  83. Doodle McFoodale

    Doodle McFoodaleПре месец

    I wanna meet him cx

  84. Jackelyn Gonzalez

    Jackelyn GonzalezПре месец

    The start of the video it’s funny how tucker is just in the camera like I’m bored 😑 haha 😂😂😂🤣

  85. MickMack 323

    MickMack 323Пре месец

    0:35 = Happy Boi

  86. crazyabouthpotter

    crazyabouthpotterПре месец

    Aww, I love everything about this

  87. Mayra Hernandez

    Mayra HernandezПре месец

    I love you tucker and everone else

  88. SxgarCh_rry

    SxgarCh_rryПре месец

    What breed is tucker looks like German Shepard or golden retriever

  89. TLS

    TLSПре месец

    @SxgarCh_rry neither do i

  90. SxgarCh_rry

    SxgarCh_rryПре месец

    @TLS I’m sorry I’m not a dog person :( I have no pets so I really don’t know

  91. TLS

    TLSПре месец

    Golden retriever duh

  92. The snow fox

    The snow foxПре месец

    This was awesome and cool, keep up the awesome work.

  93. Gurwinder Sofat

    Gurwinder SofatПре месец

    I love to watch your video

  94. Demi Ling

    Demi LingПре месец

    I never get a dog before😭😭😢


    OMG GAMING GIRLПре месец

    tucker: i am getting old me: tucker you will never get old because of your cuteness :D

  96. Carlos Cortez

    Carlos CortezПре месец

    Tucker at 0:58

  97. Kendalyn Duckworth

    Kendalyn DuckworthПре месец

    Tucker is most tooken care of

  98. Gigi Plaz

    Gigi PlazПре месец

    So cute

  99. Nate_Games 211

    Nate_Games 211Пре месец

    I laugh so much when I watch tucker

  100. random guy with wifi

    random guy with wifiПре месец

    Tucker has life better than I do 🤣🤣

  101. Tabatha Romero

    Tabatha RomeroПре месец

    Its funny that Tucker know which one is his girl lmaoooo

  102. Jerrond Strong

    Jerrond StrongПре месец


  103. David Forster

    David ForsterПре месец

    you should get all girl goldens and put them with tucker and set up a date for each of them