Dog Reviews Food With Husky | Tucker Taste Test 17

Dog Reviews Food With Husky | Tucker Taste Test 17
Tucker's Husky friend Echo spent the weekend over for a play date and Tucker told her she needed to join in on the taste testing fun! Echo is one quick pupper!
What was your favorite part???
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!
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  1. Four

    FourПре сат

    How old is tucker :33

  2. Rory Nelson

    Rory NelsonПре сат

    i love huskeys

  3. Rory Nelson

    Rory NelsonПре сат

    does anybody else?

  4. Sophie Fisher

    Sophie FisherПре 17 сати

    OMG!! Echo!! and Tucker!! luv them both!

  5. Glynn Lowe

    Glynn LoweПре дан

    Who’s Tuckers friend

  6. Vivakanand Siewbajan

    Vivakanand SiewbajanПре дан

    Hello hi ezwqvnnt Juice wrld nag

  7. Gabby the superstar entertainment comedy

    Gabby the superstar entertainment comedyПре 2 дана

    In the last video poor 😭tucker and pearl ate everything my bird's do even like that but on bird sits on me which is handy I made the name like that for my bird

  8. Adam Gibson

    Adam GibsonПре 2 дана

    1:48 the way Echo put her head up 2 the sounds of *STEAK*

  9. Maria D

    Maria DПре 2 дана

    Tucker : pink and red poo I want pink and red poop Echo: bro it’s watermelon Tucker: dis weird

  10. MidnightWolfy

    MidnightWolfyПре 2 дана

    I luv ur videos

  11. Mary-Ann Ashwe

    Mary-Ann AshweПре 3 дана

    Tucker sure hates vegetable

  12. Joela Jonel

    Joela JonelПре 3 дана

    soooooooooooooo cute

  13. Doreen Maldonado

    Doreen MaldonadoПре 3 дана

    When they were playing tucker looked like a slinky

  14. music is everything

    music is everythingПре 3 дана

    I like tucker

  15. Mary Rademaker

    Mary RademakerПре 3 дана

    Make A taste test with a hot dog

  16. Luna Crosswothy

    Luna CrosswothyПре 3 дана

    I’m could u make your vids a little longer they are only three mins

  17. Winterjay John

    Winterjay JohnПре 4 дана

    They are bffs

  18. Shyam Gangurde

    Shyam GangurdeПре 4 дана

    Strawboobs😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead Tucker is halarious

  19. Georgie Smith

    Georgie SmithПре 4 дана

    I love your Murch💙💙💙



    Tucker saved Echo from the green tree

  21. Demonkobra Gooden

    Demonkobra GoodenПре 4 дана

    Tucker: don't eats Echo: why Tucker: its tree of doom *barf* OH GOD Echo: *EW HE BARF*

  22. Jacobo Alvarez

    Jacobo AlvarezПре 4 дана

    The owner of the dogs if the get loss or die she will cry i can tell she is having a lot of fun i dont want the dogs to die

  23. elsa and anna

    elsa and annaПре 4 дана

    1:30 Tucker: look what u did Linda: umm oh snap

  24. Minya k

    Minya kПре 5 дана

    Dang tucker picky ;-;

  25. Vinny Unicorn

    Vinny UnicornПре 5 дана

    0:9 = Husky: am Piranha

  26. yt Allen

    yt AllenПре 5 дана

    2 father's

  27. dr masry

    dr masryПре 5 дана

    100k :)

  28. Kenedy Brown

    Kenedy BrownПре 5 дана


  29. Randi Polite

    Randi PoliteПре 5 дана

    My uncles husky is named Echo

  30. Maya Rosman

    Maya RosmanПре 6 дана

    My mom's cousin has two Goldens; one's a year old, and the other is his five-year-old father.

  31. Legendary Nightwolf

    Legendary NightwolfПре 6 дана


  32. Matthew Andre Jaca Guevarra

    Matthew Andre Jaca GuevarraПре 6 дана


  33. Kathleen Costales

    Kathleen CostalesПре 6 дана


  34. Lincoln behun Shorts

    Lincoln behun ShortsПре 6 дана

    Strawboobs? 1:15

  35. ᔕᑌᑎᑕᕼIᑭ'ᔕ ᖇETYᑌ

    ᔕᑌᑎᑕᕼIᑭ'ᔕ ᖇETYᑌПре 6 дана

    I love this video’s because the dogs are funny XD

  36. Stealth Ninja

    Stealth NinjaПре 7 дана

    Lol tucker say strawberries are strawboobs HAHA xD

  37. Zoe Bisschop

    Zoe BisschopПре 7 дана

    0:13 Lol so funny

  38. Plinki Man

    Plinki ManПре 7 дана

    Every vid I can’t stop laughing🤣 u made my day!

  39. Izaacson

    IzaacsonПре 7 дана

    your dog is so cuite

  40. Xx_•CocoaLilacPaintings•_xX

    Xx_•CocoaLilacPaintings•_xXПре 7 дана

    I like her name: Echo ❤️

  41. Trevor Syer

    Trevor SyerПре 8 дана

    I love there vids it makes me laugh every time

  42. Jacob Dubielak

    Jacob DubielakПре 8 дана

    When tucker the dog was barking

  43. Jacob Dubielak

    Jacob DubielakПре 8 дана

    Echo the dogs face is so hilarious

  44. Angel ocean

    Angel oceanПре 8 дана

    Isn't this supposed to be a kid video 🤔 cause its really impropriet cause cause they call it strawBOOBS .

  45. krupa shanbhag

    krupa shanbhagПре 8 дана

    The 2.2k dislikes are from different journee, posie and maya's account

  46. yashashree desai

    yashashree desaiПре 8 дана

    u eat beef so bad i hate uyour youtube video i used to love tucker so much but now i hate him beef means god to hindu hate u at the core.

  47. ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂

    ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂Пре 3 дана


  48. David Catalino

    David CatalinoПре 8 дана

    It was funny where pearl were and tucker was mad 😠

  49. ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂

    ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂Пре 3 дана

    Just wait

  50. SAM l

    SAM lПре 8 дана

    Wow! She likes red!

  51. Life with Black princess

    Life with Black princessПре 9 дана

    Husky- iam pirhana Linda gives watermelon Husky pirhana bite rawrr Tucker and I ooop

  52. Victoria Andersen

    Victoria AndersenПре 9 дана

    How Old is tucker?

  53. Jackievic Alojipan

    Jackievic AlojipanПре 9 дана

    love you tucker

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    Tucker ZajicПре 9 дана

    You know me name I’m now dog

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    vGood Friday

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    Lucas McKenna (lm9330)Пре 10 дана

    tucker: gren tree real name: broccoli

  58. Fernando Cortez

    Fernando CortezПре 10 дана

    Good morning guys the sun is rising with bright blue sky with lots of trees and today I'm going to help all my mom because she's sick she has the flu I will make sure to make a new video on RSfire

  59. ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂

    ꧁Cloudii dreams꧂Пре 3 дана


  60. Lucie - Roblox

    Lucie - RobloxПре 10 дана

    Can we take a second of when the husky said " thanks " instead of " thamks "

  61. Jouie Dela Cruz

    Jouie Dela CruzПре 10 дана

    Theys cute dang cute

  62. Pierre Cooper

    Pierre CooperПре 10 дана

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  63. Mason OMG TV

    Mason OMG TVПре 10 дана

    Echo and tucker playing is so cute 😘

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    I luv the chimken - tucker budzyn 2019-2020-2021

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    woo the strawboobs was epic such adorable tucker and linda😂😂😂

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    Ark Harry VlogsПре 11 дана

    Me: showing tucker a female dog pic Tucker: starting to hump my phone

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    Nick WoodПре 11 дана

    So cute

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    Olosh Ranna and AddaПре 14 дана

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