My Dog Answers Fan Questions

My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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  1. Thirdy Camacho

    Thirdy CamachoПре 26 минута

    Tucker: crying Subtitle:[Music] me: NANI

  2. Homstar wars aka herobrine Hernandez

    Homstar wars aka herobrine HernandezПре сат




    turker like other dog golden retriever

  4. Nathanael Bailey

    Nathanael BaileyПре сат

    That is the cutest dog ever and he is also funny

  5. jennyruthalvis

    jennyruthalvisПре 2 сата

    Can tucker fart?

  6. Juan Jimenez

    Juan JimenezПре 4 сата

    So funny 🤣

  7. Reuel Arkin Dinginbayan

    Reuel Arkin DinginbayanПре 4 сата

    And tucker is cuter and cool than Me

  8. Reuel Arkin Dinginbayan

    Reuel Arkin DinginbayanПре 4 сата

    Tucker is smarter than me

  9. Anna

    AnnaПре 4 сата

    Can I adopt Tucker

  10. Shannon Obriensheldon

    Shannon ObriensheldonПре 5 сати

    Are you love your owner?

  11. Kateycat GAMES

    Kateycat GAMESПре 5 сати


  12. Makenzie Breckenridge

    Makenzie BreckenridgeПре 5 сати

    Do you like Jersey more then Linda?

  13. Haven Darnielle

    Haven DarnielleПре 6 сати

    Do you hate your wife because I do

  14. Darwin Gumapac

    Darwin GumapacПре 6 сати

    Tucker's do you like snake

  15. Tessa Hicks

    Tessa HicksПре 6 сати

    Is Linda fun

  16. Debbie Wuerzberger

    Debbie WuerzbergerПре 7 сати

    Trick you

  17. Debbie Wuerzberger

    Debbie WuerzbergerПре 7 сати

    I'm Allergic to dogs

  18. Tiana and Daisy together until death

    Tiana and Daisy together until deathПре 7 сати

    A new question: does you like chimken?

  19. Matthew Perez

    Matthew PerezПре 7 сати

    Do you hate her?

  20. moonlight bro

    moonlight broПре 7 сати

    Who do like Tucker or Linda


    T POSE PLEASEПре 8 сати

    I love your vids!

  22. fairysglqw ɞ ·

    fairysglqw ɞ ·Пре 9 сати

    ur dog is handsome as hekkk

  23. Lincoln

    LincolnПре 9 сати

    Tucker buduyn


    SIMONE BACALAПре 10 сати

    ☺️ awwww he is so cute!! Do you love meeting kids?

  25. 9ine3ree Payton

    9ine3ree PaytonПре 10 сати

    Only for trucker: Do you like your wife

  26. Moody But fake xD

    Moody But fake xDПре 11 сати

    Put my comment :( do you love Lisa?

  27. Daniela Cataraga

    Daniela CataragaПре 12 сати

    Is your puppy friend, pearl annoying ? Yes or no?

  28. Kim Reidy

    Kim ReidyПре 13 сати

    Hey Tucker, who do you love more? Mom or dad?

  29. Yuri Mari Gagarin ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Yuri Mari Gagarin ʕ•ᴥ•ʔПре 15 сати

    Is Linda lazy

  30. tapasvi lingesh

    tapasvi lingeshПре 15 сати

    Please more parts of this series. The taste tests are a huge hit. About time a new series comes.

  31. Benjamin Okumu

    Benjamin OkumuПре 15 сати

    Tucker’s had so much fur it’s so cute

  32. Benjamin Okumu

    Benjamin OkumuПре 15 сати

    Do you really hate garbage?’’

  33. Audrey Rojas

    Audrey RojasПре 16 сати

    To Tucker is Linda stinky

  34. Aldebaran adhiyasta

    Aldebaran adhiyastaПре 16 сати


  35. Kathy Minnick

    Kathy MinnickПре 17 сати

    Is linda nice

  36. G Drummer6

    G Drummer6Пре 18 сати

    Questions. For Tucker. Do you love Lamborghinis

  37. Flo Hibbert Pim

    Flo Hibbert PimПре 18 сати

    He is so cute 🥰

  38. Karra Alicki

    Karra AlickiПре 18 сати

    he is so handsome!!

  39. cocoa buddy

    cocoa buddyПре 19 сати

    Hai..I’m Murphy

  40. G9-19. Vidhi Tribhuwan

    G9-19. Vidhi TribhuwanПре 20 сати

    He be the cutest dogggg ever😍

  41. Ava Rowe

    Ava RoweПре 21 сат

    Does Tucker eat are YES or no

  42. Cadence MCM

    Cadence MCMПре 21 сат

    Question: do you like kumihos?

  43. Quack Gang

    Quack GangПре 21 сат

    Where is Journee

  44. Khalid Khalifa

    Khalid KhalifaПре 21 сат

    Tucker is hekk bad dog

  45. Gamer XD achin

    Gamer XD achinПре 22 сата

    Tucker do you like chimken

  46. Emily Daly

    Emily DalyПре дан

    When peral comes over is she annoying

  47. Aswathy Ajith kumar

    Aswathy Ajith kumarПре дан

    do you like daddy or mommy??? luv u tucker.....

  48. surat panwar

    surat panwarПре дан

    Do yo like chocolate

  49. Allison Rodriguez

    Allison RodriguezПре дан

    Where is your wife lenda

  50. Denzel Savage

    Denzel SavageПре дан


  51. Among us

    Among usПре дан

    Tucker:Absolutely Linda:I didn’t get to ask the question

  52. Sana Hussain

    Sana HussainПре дан


  53. Sana Hussain

    Sana HussainПре дан


  54. Bailey Brock

    Bailey BrockПре дан

    Tucker do you like meat 🥩

  55. Sofiya Pasternack

    Sofiya PasternackПре дан

    Does Tucker like the car?

  56. Kaidyn wilson

    Kaidyn wilsonПре дан

    Tucker do you like to go to bahamas imax

  57. cKarina Rodriguez

    cKarina RodriguezПре дан

    Tucker do you hate the tree of doom .

  58. phdb69 phdb69

    phdb69 phdb69Пре дан

    For Tucker are you fat your dog

  59. Nicole Alexander

    Nicole AlexanderПре дан

    can i by merch

  60. green tea

    green teaПре дан

    His bark is so strong!

  61. Marteash Cheeks

    Marteash CheeksПре дан

    Do you want to be your wife

  62. Heather Guse

    Heather GuseПре дан

    Do you like other dogs

  63. Skylar Lewis

    Skylar LewisПре дан

    Do you fart on Linda's pillow all the time?

  64. Skylar Lewis

    Skylar LewisПре дан

    Do you beg for Linda's food

  65. Martin Birdy

    Martin BirdyПре дан

    Tucker is so funny

  66. Caiden Rainer

    Caiden RainerПре дан

    Tucker: do you like the lake??

  67. Liz Meydenbauer

    Liz MeydenbauerПре дан

    For Tucker Do you want to be a different doggo?

  68. Veronica Williams

    Veronica WilliamsПре дан

    Are you a little mean

  69. G Drummer6

    G Drummer6Пре дан

    Questions for Tucker. Do you love Boxes

  70. Funwith Slimey

    Funwith SlimeyПре дан

    Tucker is very funny!

  71. Grettel Valencia

    Grettel ValenciaПре дан

    I want to meet tuber

  72. Grettel Valencia

    Grettel ValenciaПре дан

    Does your dad your dad love you?

  73. Zetta

    ZettaПре дан

    this dog has more friends,fame and emotional support than me

  74. varsity alumni

    varsity alumniПре дан

    2:30 Woman: Do butts smell good? Tucker: HEKK YEA

  75. ZwillZ

    ZwillZПре дан

    Ask Tucker do you watch Peppa Pig

  76. Dore Bakh

    Dore BakhПре дан

    do you hate food

  77. Nadine Heath

    Nadine HeathПре дан

    Is tucker better then (You/Linda) lol

  78. Sugar Cone

    Sugar ConeПре дан

    Who do you like more mommy or daddy

  79. Ella Pelchat

    Ella PelchatПре дан

    Do you love linda

  80. Livy wood ward

    Livy wood wardПре дан

    Do u like boys or girls

  81. Americangirldollforulife

    AmericangirldollforulifeПре дан

    Tucker do you like the vet

  82. Rocky Gonet

    Rocky GonetПре дан

    Do you like to play video games

  83. PakodaPosiedon

    PakodaPosiedonПре дан

    Tucker looks too handsome with his bow

  84. yeet.mp4

    yeet.mp4Пре дан

    A question: Are you funny?

  85. falecia osborn

    falecia osbornПре дан

    Or you smart

  86. Emmabear17 BEAR

    Emmabear17 BEARПре дан

    Hi tucker 🐶 i have doggy fren for you

  87. Isabel Naik

    Isabel NaikПре дан

    would you like a smal boy that will do whatever you need

  88. Imani W

    Imani WПре дан

    Want a new wife?

  89. Leon Puerto

    Leon PuertoПре дан

    Is tucker cheating on journee

  90. Hasi

    HasiПре дан

    Question for Linda: Is Trucker a Derpy dog? Question for Trucker: Are you a Derpy Dog?

  91. Jamo Hass

    Jamo HassПре дан

    tuckr eats a be bzzzzzzzz vedio plese

  92. A caldwell

    A caldwellПре дан

    Do you like to eat Linda’s steak

  93. Vernon Benavides

    Vernon BenavidesПре дан

    The caring lift mostly open because distance taxonomically watch than a muddled snake. grumpy, yellow nancy

  94. joyce burgos

    joyce burgosПре дан

    I really like the way that his like confuse cause he is so cute

  95. black panda

    black pandaПре дан

    Did you like meet alot

  96. Maisie Nearing

    Maisie NearingПре дан


  97. Gyll the dog

    Gyll the dogПре дан

    Tree of doom if u eat sure I will one of my fav cuz it so yummy

  98. Cheyanne

    CheyanneПре дан

    How does tucker what you say

  99. Noelle Simon

    Noelle SimonПре дан

    They deserve 10M subs cause tucker is smart

  100. Benjamin Abel Nielsen - 5I

    Benjamin Abel Nielsen - 5IПре дан

    I lov yuo